I’ve recently done a blog overhaul, and among the many things I uncovered were several posts stuck in ‘draft’ mode. This is one of them. I wrote this about 4 years ago and never published it. I don’t know why. I offer it here (along with an update) for 2 reasons: (1) it might help someone, (2) it helps me remember the path we’ve traveled.

I’ve been leading worship at my church in some degree or another for about 8 years. Eight. And yet this past week, it occurred to me to make the following improvements in the lives of worship band members:
¬†– offer to reimburse band members for ‘expendable supplies’ like sticks and strings. But not like Marshall stacks.

– document and label equipment that is owned by band members, but which stays at the church most of the time, in the event of damage or theft to said equipment.

– have a bunch of pencils and paper clips stored at the rehearsal site. I know. The mind reels at such innovation.

The best part of all of this was the rapid-fire email trail inspired by the news of the first two. You want to get band guys communicating? Write something to them that includes the words ‘reimburse’ and ‘band gear’.

While I have no explanation for why I haven’t thought of these things before, it gives me great joy to support our worship team this way. I am truly blessed to work with lots of talented, generous musicians who have great attitudes. I learn from them every single week.

Jumping to current day… the worship band has grown, our facility has grown, and now we have a few more necessities:

Planning Center Online¬†, an invaluable tool for planning worship, scheduling and communicating with team members, as well as distributing resources for songs. I know it’s not magical… but I still call it that.

– Rehearsal cart that rolls out on stage for every rehearsal which contains: chord charts & cue sheets for the week, pencils, markers, highlighters, paper clips, three hole punch, gaff tape, an extra capo, water bottles, AND the special water pitcher for adding water to the piano. The piano humidifier, I should say.

– Organized space for gear in a locked closet. ¬†Organized like… shelves and plastic bins. With labels. (Because label makers are, really, the best tool ever.) Helps everyone find what they need when they need it.

This isn’t high level innovation, but it just helps things run more smoothly on a weekly basis which allows us to concentrate on the music and the heart of what we’re doing. Love that.

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