In the history recorded in the Old Testament, God commissions a young man named Joshua to take over leading the Israelite people after Moses’ death. Joshua must have been a little nervous, as God tells him to ‘be strong and courageous’ three times. And for good reason. These people he was going to lead did not have a history of being great followers. In chapter 1, verse 3 God says to Joshua:

I promise you what I promised Moses:  ‘Wherever you set foot, you will be on land I have given you.’

What a crazy statement, right?
Wherever you go you’ll be within what I’ve given you.

It’s quite profound, when you really think about it. A huge promise.

Reminds me of one part of the Lord’s Prayer… ‘Give us this day our daily bread’ (Matthew 6:11).
Not only does this mean God will give us what we need,  it also means that what we are given is what we need.

Again, a huge promise.

Promises are true whether we believe them or not;  it’s our own level of trust that’s at stake.

We don’t even need a giant pile of it… just enough for each day.

(Totally going to write that Joshua 1:3 thing on every graduation card this year.)

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