Sunday Worship Reflections Feb 20, 2011

Haven’t written about our Sunday worship services in a while… 

Today’s worship service flow:

You are Good (Lincoln Brewster arr.)
ministry highlight: hearing from a church member who spent 6 weeks helping to build an AIDS orphanage in Thailand.  
prayer & scripture (Psalm 24)
Be Thou My Vision (traditional arr.)
Your Love Never Fails (Quilala)
Grace Like Rain (Agnew)
message: James 3:13-18
Wisdom (Jill Phillips)

As always, I’m grateful for the group of people who come together every week to make our worship experiences possible.  

The find of the week: ‘Wisdom’ by Jill Phillips. I had been looking for a song specifically about wisdom, and had put in place a much older song which was going to require some significant updating!  Dustin, our electric guitar player this week, found this song and it was perfect.  I was recently re-introduced to the music of Jill Phillips, and love love love her writing and singing style.  It was fun to learn a slightly different style of song and share it with our church today.

Thanks, Dustin. :)

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2 thoughts on “Sunday Worship Reflections Feb 20, 2011

  1. Thanks for taking the time to comment, Terry! I DO love it when just the right song shows up. And that’s really how it seems to work… they just ‘show up’!

  2. thanks for sharing Kim (love your site as well).isn’t it beautiful when you find the just the right song? we had a similar experience this week with a song from Vicky Beeching, “Undivided Heart” – it wasn’t really on my radar and it is quite different from the rest of her stuff, but it fit perfectly. God is good!glad to have you as part of the community.stay connected – terry

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