Book review: Green, by Ted Dekker

If you are a fan of  allegorical themes of redemption and sacrifice, twisting plot lines, and epic book series, but have never read anything by Ted Dekker, you might want to give him a try. 

Dekker writes a full sweep through God’s story of redemption in his Circle Trilogy, just a part of the larger Books of History Chronicles. In the Circle Trilogy– three books released in 2004-2005, Black, Red, and White–Dekker creates an alternate world that links with our own in a way that leaves both the characters and the readers racing to catch on.  This alternate world paints a stunning allegorical picture of the Creator’s love for his creation that strikes true to the heart. The story of how the two worlds intertwine is unveiled in these three books, capturing the readers with a breathtaking depiction of true ‘goodness’, terrifying imagery of absolute evil, and the gripping conflict between the two.  By the end of ‘White’ (Book 3), the Creator of all beauty calls his followers to remain faithful to his teachings, and defeats evil by taking on the role of Redeemer and Savior.


In 2009, Dekker released ‘Green’, designated as ‘Book Zero’ in the Circle Trilogy. The book picks up where the story of ‘White’ (Book 3) leaves off, plunging readers into a twisting, captivating tale that ends up prefacing the beginning of ‘Black’ (Book 1).  ‘Green’ can be read either as the first book of the series or the last. I recommend beginning with the original trilogy.  In my opinion, the layered, circular storyline can be best appreciated and understood by someone who has some level of investment in the Circle’s story.  


I do recommend this entire series with just one warning: you may find yourself awake in the wee hours of the night unable to quench your appetite for more of the story. 


read more about this book here.


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