Steel Wheels Bike Tour

My brother Trent is many things, including an actively touring musician. He is the front man for The Steel Wheels, a folk-americana-bluegrass band.

Occasionally he performs with mandolin player Jay Lapp as the Steel Wheels Duo.

Last fall, the Steel Wheels Duo embarked on the very successful Spokesong tour… via bicycle.

Take a few moments to glimpse behind the scenes of their tour…. guitars on bikes, hamstring stretches, and Haz Mat suits.  You get to see it all.

Trent Wagler / Steel Wheels music is available here, here, and here.

New album releases March 1, 2010.

Get it.

3 thoughts on “Steel Wheels Bike Tour

    • excellent! their music IS very fun. Last year we had the chance to see them in concert, along with my whole family. My niece, Trent’s daughter Maia (who was 4 at the time), was so SO fun to sit by during the concert. She just sang and sang and laughed her way through all the songs.

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