Worship Reflections 12.27.09

We are out of town spending time with family.  I could not stop smiling when my friend James contributed this worship reflection from First MB Church this week. Thank you, James!

Guest blogger:  James Isaac

End-of-the-year / looking forward.

The big idea for this week was a definition and analysis of Faith: belief in God, acceptance of Jesus as the Lord of our lives, and finally the desire to seek after Him and to do His will.

Worship was led by a group of high school and college students, as Kim was off for the holidays. Lindsey Warwick (vocals) and Tara Taylor (guitar) met with Kim to pick the music selections, which turned out to be a veritable Greatest Hits Collection from the Sr. High worship. Ian Allison, another returning college student, brought the power chords and tasteful noodling on his electric guitar. Two high school students – Cameron Calvert on drums, and Jacob Sweat on bass – have stepped up to be regulars in the “big church” Sunday morning scene, and they brought their impeccable timing and locked-in groove to the rhythm section. Sam Klein, a college student, rounded out the vocals with his passionate and soulful talent. The “old guy on stage” (and substitute blogger) was James Isaac, filling the Paul Schaffer role on the keys as producer and musical director.

Intro by trombone chorale + piano
“Perspectives on World Missions” video
Sing to the King (Foote)
Filled with Your Glory (Neufeld)
Revelation Song (Riddle)
Prayer / offering
Go Tell It on the Mountain (new arrangement)
In Christ Alone (Getty)

All of these songs are very familiar to our congregation and their ready participation helped our musicians to feel comfortable leading worship. Sing to the King and Filled with Your Glory have been in our setlist for years but are still effective songs for setting the tone of our Sunday morning worship.

Revelation Song is a big, bombastic power ballad and is a particular favorite of Lindsey and Sam from Sr. High worship. Their emotional commitment to the song was plainly visible and helped to create a powerful worship experience.

We came to practice with no clear idea of what to do with Go Tell It on the Mountain. Playing it straight just seemed like a wasted opportunity when we could try something new. Ian quickly came up with a rockin’ guitar riff and we took it from there, with an opening verse nod to tradition.

In Christ Alone is another favorite, with deeply meaningful words. It put the perfect endcap on Pastor Brent’s message. Sam and Lindsey traded melody lines in this arrangement and the quiet underscore allowed the congregation to sing out with full voices.

I’ve played with these teenagers and young adults for several years now in various settings and events, and am constantly amazed at the talent and commitment they have, and how they desire to use their musical skills within the church. For me, it is the greatest joy to do something that I love – to create and perform music – for the God that I love. I’m so excited to see that attitude continuing on in these students.

This post is a part of Sunday Setlists at Fred McKinnon’s blog.  Check it out!

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