Advent week 3 Light Arrives

Advent sermon series: Light
week 3: Light Arrives

Order of worship
O Come O Come Emmanuel (traditional hymn)

recap of series, story of the birth of Jesus
O Little Town of Bethlehem (traditional carol)
‘Light of Creation’ narration
message part one: Mary & Joseph… trust & obedience
No Sweeter Name (Jobe)
message part two: Shepherds… message for everyone
The First Noel (hymncharts arr)
message part three: Wise Men… faith
Center (Hall) / Silent Night (traditional carol)
Glorious (Tomlin, Reeves) (offering)
church news

week 1 of this series
week 2 of this series

This week, our pastor pulled observations out of the story of Jesus’ birth, looking specifically at a few people we hear about every time the story is re-told. The overall takeaway was one of having faith… of trusting… of accepting God’s truth.

Best moment of the day: singing ‘No Sweeter Name’.  This is a simple song of worship sung to Jesus and seemed like a sweet choice following a focus on Mary and Joseph.  While I was listening to our pastor speak, it occurred to me that the words of the song could be sung from the perspective of Jesus’ parents.  I mentioned something about this as we began the song… and then that idea completely broke me down as we sang it.  Can you imagine THESE parents singing to their newborn baby ‘no sweeter name than the name of Jesus, no sweeter name have I ever known… you are the life to my heart and my soul, you are the light to the darkness around me’?  Good grief.  I’ve been thinking ever since that someone should write this into a drama… Mary sitting alone with the baby Jesus singing this song acapella, like a lullaby.

Have mercy.

‘Glorious’ by Chris Tomlin was a new song for us today.  I first heard this song at a Passion conference in 2006; this song was featured during one of the most powerful moments of that experience. Neil suggested I think about using it during Christmas.  It isn’t specifically a Christmas song, but it seems like anything that declares Jesus to be reigning, ‘glorious over us’, should be used to celebrate his birth. I was proud of how our band worked it up and how my friend Wendell sang it. It has the potential to be powerful once our church becomes familiar with it.  Thinking about bringing it back on Christmas Eve…. hmmm…

Next week, our story continues:  Light Bearers: we carry the light into the world

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