Traces of technology past

So I’m moving to a different office in our building this week.  The office I’m moving from has been mine for 10 years, and has belonged to the music department since the building was built… about 23 years ago.

The lesson for all of us today: maybe a person should clean out her office more than once a decade.  In any case, I found some treasures that may only be appreciated by a few.

First, a picture of the first ‘music resource tape’ I made for our worship team… probably in mid 1999. Again, there may only be a few people who enjoy reading this very fuzzy list.

These items were in the deep recesses of a cabinet for a very very long time.  I am compelled to immediately begin drawing music staffs with chalk on every available surface.

And finally… a few little things I’m getting rid of.
Holy mound of cassette tapes, batman.

I’ve had fun today remembering when I had to go to a store to find new music, when the best way to schedule musicians was to print and mail out a schedule, and when I wondered if ‘Shout to the Lord’ was too much for our congregation to handle.

I must say I do like where we are now.  Quite a lot.

9 thoughts on “Traces of technology past

  1. “I wondered if ‘Shout to the Lord’ was too much for our congregation to handle.” That is classic. Classic because I once wondered the same thing back in 1999/2000. Wow…times have changed.

    It’s like a time capsule. Wonder what we’ll find 10 years from now in our worship ministry offices.

  2. Youth Chorus Book…ah, the memories. Right now, I’m looking at a cassette duplicator on a shelf. It used to be used for duplicating sermon tapes. Why do I still have this? I don’t know.

    • you know, actually I DID toss out a bunch of transparencies about 3 years ago during a very ‘surface’ cleaning out of the office. Unbelievable what we used to do, isn’t it? Not just one per song, but at least two… because sometimes you need to project the CHORDS with the words, right?


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