Worship Reflections 10.04.09

worship service outline
prelude: orchestra
“I Love to Sing the Story” (combined choir & orchestra)
How Great is Our God (Tomlin)
Mighty to Save (Fielding/Morgan, Laura Story arr.)
Center (Hall)
Message: final in four week series “Just Walk Across the Room”
You are the Light (Fee) (offering & playout)

how it worked
There’s nothing like the sound of a full orchestra. period.

We finally found an arrangement of ‘Mighty to Save’ that works for us.  We have tried to use this song repeatedly over the past couple of years, always turning to the Hillsong recordings as our model. Their arrangements are epic… wall of guitars… soaring male vocals… etc etc. It may have been just in my head, but the song kept beating us. We kept trying it, though, largely because it is a great corporate worship song that has become a part of the current worship lexicon; our congregation needs to know it! Somehow Laura Story‘s arrangement gave us permission to play like us rather than trying to be like Hillsong, and now it just works!  I know this because we, as musicians, are engaging with it rather than fighting with it, and I see our congregation engaging as well, which is the whole point.

Love the song ‘You are the Light’. Such a great proclamation about reflecting the light of God’s message to the world. Yum.

Something powerful happened within our worship service today. I can’t attribute it to anything other than the work of the Holy Spirit. Nothing super dramatic, just a strong sense of the church truly offering praise. I usually respond to this through tears (handy when I’m singing), and usually because the words of a song as applied to my own little life smack me around a bit.  Today, I actually had several people comment about experiencing a strong sense of the Spirit during worship, so I know it wasn’t just me. I love that.

one small step from ‘fail’
During the message in the 9:45 service, I went to my office for a bit and got in a conversation with my office mate.  Walked back to the auditorium with what I thought would be about 5 minutes remaining in the message.  Entered the back of the room to see (a) our pastor praying and (b) my team walking on stage for our final song, looking a bit worried because they weren’t seeing me. Yikes. This could have been bad. Very very bad. I did make it, though.  And will never ever ever leave the room again, ever.


How was your worship experience this Sunday?

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19 thoughts on “Worship Reflections 10.04.09

  1. Hi!
    Mighty to Save is definitely worth fighting for/with.

    I was in a small group of WLs a few months ago, and we kept hammering home the point that today’s hyper-rockstar worship music isn’t playable.

    Thank goodness for Laura Story, right!?

  2. Oh yeah…I’ve had that shining moment, too. I’ve also enjoyed the flip side watching other team members sprint to the stage at the last second. Wheeeeee!

    • yeah, Neil often refers to having witnessed one of your misses from the office perspective. Had something to do with practicing the Messiah I think? But there’s dignity in that. You were practicing for the MESSIAH for crying out loud.

      it’s also sort of amusing to watch a band member enter the room AFTER a song has started. you know they just wanna die…

  3. Cool – we are experiencing the same sort of subtle but powerful – and impossible to miss – move of the spirit in worship. There’s power. Hearing that you are seeing it as well is exciting; makes me wonder how God is moving and what He’s doing…

    Had the same experience with ‘Mighty to Save’. Haven’t found the answer yet. We’ll keep trying. Where’d you get the orchestration?

    Sounds like you took ‘Just walk across the room’ too literally. I’ve found myself running down the hall once or twice, but usually we’re standing backstage waiting for the cue saying, in a panicked, hushed whisper, “WHERE’S THE DRUMMER?????? WHERE IS THE DRUMMER!!!?????”

    • beth, check out the Laura Story version of ‘Mighty’. Has a great piano riff. :) I should clarify that we didn’t have the orchestra playing on everything; just the 2 songs at the beginning.

      I’m looking forward to having a backstage in which to huddle. We’re akways sprinting up the aisles from the back. verrrrry subtle.

  4. Not being on time? I’ve only had that happen to me once. The whole team was waiting for me as I was having a conversation between services with a new family. A bit embarrassing but everyone laughed it off (won’t happen again). BTW – great setlist! A full orchestra must be great.

    • great. now there are two of you. :) I caught it the first time and changed it, but missed that one. sorry about that.

      someone should create a illustration of the life-cycle of a blog, don’t you think? born, grows, flourishes. catastrophic world event occurs (twitter). shrivels. dies….

  5. I have actually missed the last song completely before. Thank goodness my team took control and at that time, one if the vocalits sang the song for me. I walked in when they were on the last chorus. They sounded great. We did it that way the rest of the weekend :)

    and. I love a full orchestra!!!

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