Music: Jared Anderson

A few years ago, I became a fan of music by Jared Anderson. His latest CD, “Live From My Church”,  released today.  I had the opportunity to write a review for this album at The Worship Community, so if you want to know a little more read my review here. This album was, in fact, recorded live at Anderson’s church in Colorado Springs.  It is filled with songs for the church to use in worship;  Anderson is great at crafting the songs in a way that make them accessible.  I also enjoyed his studio release “Where Faith Comes From” a few years ago.  Anderson’s music is piano-driven… cheerily so…. and I always love that.

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I recently discovered Anderson has a completely different thread of songwriting that his friends have dubbed “lamp music”.  I have been listening to his July 2009 release “People of Troy” (the most recent ‘lamp music’ offering) and totally love it. These songs are creative & expressive…. live recordings of vocal, piano, & instrumental stuff including a brass ensemble, a cello here and there, and lots and lots of bouncy tunes that will make you smile. I now have even greater appreciation for “Live From My Church”, as Anderson intentionally focuses his own creative, quirky style in order to write songs the larger church can use in worship.

So, yeah, I think you should freshen up that iTunes library of yours and give his music a try.  You’ll find some great treasures.

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