Dirty Girls Ministries


What? Pornography is only a problem for guys, right? Right? As it turns out…. no, not so much. Today I write to bring attention to Dirty Girls Ministries, a Christian anti-pornography ministry created to help women who struggle with pornography addiction. The mission of Dirty Girls Ministries is to…

  • Bring awareness to the porn problem among women today
  • Show struggling women they are not alone
  • Demonstrate hope for recovery from this addiction
  • Explain that the Bible and Jesus have the answer

These things are accomplished through online recovery groups, coaching networks, resources, and prayer support. Dirty Girls Ministries was founded by  Crystal Renaud in February 2009. After ‘meeting’ Crystal through the blog and twitter world a few years ago, I was finally able to meet her in person this summer as she generously spent an evening with our family.  I saw in person what I had already seen online… a talented, honest, God-chasing woman who is taking every opportunity she can to serve God and others through her gifts and experiences. Crystal launched a website survey earlier this year to try to find out the scope of this issue. Within weeks, she had received over 300 surveys from women across the nation proving not only can women be porn addicts, but that they are in desperate need of help.

Dirty Girls Ministries is for real. The need for this ministry is real. So take a moment… check it out… and start talking about it.

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