Worship Reflections 08.16.09

This Sunday was centered around the final sermon in our core values series:
1. Pray regularly.
2. Read the Bible
3. Engage in iron-sharpens-iron friendships
4. Live to tell others about Jesus.
5. Serve where God leads.

  Worship Service Ingredients
welcome… announcements
Love the Lord (Brewster)
Glory to God Forever (Fee/Beeching) excerpts from Psalm 145; quiet reflection
No Sweeter Name (Jobe)
message – highlight of  World Impact ministries, specifically centered in Wichita
– highlight of our Kids Ministries (video)
[offering] Jesus Draw Me Ever Nearer (Getty/Becker)

How it worked

Our first two songs worked very well together (we do them in the same key… it’s a girl worship leader thing).  Love the Lord is a fun opener that is familiar to our church, so it seems to pull our attention in the same direction.  I’m SO glad Glory to God Forever has now been released as a single (the link above takes you to the song on iTunes). I first heard this song live by Fee at the re:create conference in February.  We introduced it to our church right away, teaching it to musicians via scratchy youtube videos of Fee playing in live venues.  It’s good to have a full recording of it now. Love it love it love it.
We’ve been trying to remember to give people time in worship services now and then to just reflect and meditate. I say ‘trying to remember’ because it seems like our default position is often ‘how much stuff can we fit into an hour?’  This week after reading excerpts from Psalm 145 (the Message), we all just took a moment to reflect…. pray…. meditate on the words from scripture… then moved into No Sweeter Name.

This time of year there are lots of great ministries that need to be, or want to be, highlighted, plus most of the programmatic stuff within the church is relaunching for the fall.  So with this week’s emphasis on ‘serving’, we presented opportunities to serve both within and outside the church. Most of this was done in print, but our pastor also wove two highlights into his sermon. –  World Impact is a ministry our church has supported for years, and there are many ways to be involved in what they do locally.  The city director, Darin Busenitz, did a great job talking about what they do in a way that was totally personal for our church.  Thank you Darin! –  Our kids ministry is always ALWAYS looking for volunteers to work with kids.  The video shown this week was the first in-house video produced by a volunteer on our new edit station.  An excellent step!

Closed the service with the extremely beautiful Jesus Draw Me, sung by my friend Kayla….  a college senior with the voice of an a-n-g-e-l. With kick.  I’m sayin’.  Also one of my favorite people all ’round. I can’t seem to stop hearing the chorus of No Sweeter Name as I write this. Such a complete set of proclamations written by Kari Jobe.

You are the life to my heart and my soul. You are the light to the darkness around me. You are the hope to the hopeless and broken. You are the only truth and the way.

This post is a part of Sunday Setlists. Check it out!

4 thoughts on “Worship Reflections 08.16.09

  1. Kim,I really appreciate all the effort you put into your posts here. Upto and including the links to itunes. It is so helpful for someone like me…Thank you.

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