Worship Reflections 06.28.09

Our sermon series from Matthew 5-6-7 continued today with a sermon simply titled ‘Stuff’ from Matthew 6:19-34.  An interesting conversation about ‘earthly treasures’ vs. ‘heavenly treasures’, when having ‘stuff’ crosses the line, and what to do about worry.

Worship Service
Ministry Highlight: Family Trip to Mexico
Holy is the Lord (Tomlin) (G) chorus only
Glory to God Forever (Fee/Beeching) (G)
Son of God (Cash, Cochran, Neufeld) (E)
[offering] Endless Mercy of God (Boswell) (C–>D)
Response:  Center (Hall) (E)
‘Glory to God Forever’ is still a bit new for us.  Our church seems to draw more effectively into worship through music when we start with something familiar so we started with a scaled down chorus of ‘Holy is the Lord’ (coming out of a brief scripture prayer), then went into a full band version of ‘Glory to God Forever’. 
‘Endless Mercy of God’ was new for all of us.  Great song with a hymn-like quality.  Led by our guy vocalist, featuring acoustic guitar, bass, and some truly tasty B-3.  To end the service, our pastor gave the congregation a few minutes to reflect on the primary questions in this passage.  We then sang ‘Center’, which I think was a great fit for this service. 

This post is a part of Sunday Setlists at Fred’s blog.   Check it out for a peek into worship services at lots of churches.

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