This week’s kid quotes.

(playing with a good friend)
son: me and david are twins.
david: yeah, except we have different birthdays.
son: yeah, and we don’t look
exactly the same.
david:  yeah, and we live in different places.
son: yeah, and you’re older than me and I’m taller.  But we’re still twins.

(after watching a snake in our front yard)
son: people are better than snakes.
me: why’s that?
son: because snakes don’t even have anything.
me: what do you mean?
son: snakes don’t have houses or anything electric or any stuff at all.  they just have stick bodies.  that’s why people are better. 
daughter: yeah, they could have had arms and legs and stuff, but thanks to Satan that didn’t happen. 

(snuggling with our dog)
son: mom, we need to get Sparky dog contacts?
me: why?
son: so he can see colors. 

(reading a ‘guess this animal’ book)
son: I don’t get this book.
me: It’s just animals. There’s nothing to get.
son: But I don’t get it.
me: There’s not a story.  There’s nothing to get.
son: Mom. Everything has a ‘get’. 

4 thoughts on “This week’s kid quotes.

  1. There are shades of Dana Carvey’s Church Lady in the snake discussion.

    “…and who’s fault is that, oh…I don’t know… SATAN?!!!

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