Live music this weekend

If you’re in Wichita this weekend, this is what you should do.

Saturday morning (May 23), make some coffee, grab some cash, and make your way to the Old Town Famers’ Market from, say, 10:00 until noon.

While perusing the finest local produce money can by, enjoy the live music being performed in the square by Trent Wagler and the Steel Wheels.

Trent Wagler and the Steel Wheels, from Harrisonburg, Virginia, perform a mix of bluegrass, folk, americana… mostly originals.  They are amazing, and I promise you will enjoy hearing them.  I know this because Trent Wagler is my brother, and he and his band have some mad flat-pickin’, bass-thumpin’, fiddle-playin’ skills.

Just to clarify… Sat May 23, Old Town Farmers’ Market, 10:00 – noon.

Be there.  :)

6 thoughts on “Live music this weekend

  1. wish i could grab a cup o’coffee and join you! guess i’ll have to catch them again when they are in town harrisonburg again :)

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