Are you in this conversation?

I regularly listen to the ‘This American Life” podcast. They find some of the most amazing stories, and tell them very, very well.  Every once in a while I’m compelled to share them.  (If you’re not familiar with ‘This American Life’, you can read about it here.)

A recent episode entitled ‘This I Used to Believe’ included a the story of a conversation that developed between an outspoken Christian man and a woman who declared herself an agnostic following the death of her close friend.  She has questions.  He has answers. The story is told from her perspective, so it’s a look at what the ‘Christian’ response sounds like to someone who is looking for real, honest answers about God, suffering, and meaning in life. 

I promise it’s an interesting story.  Grab a beverage, click on the audio player, and settle in for a bit.

What are your thoughts? Do you see yourself in this conversation? 

If you’d like to hear the entire podcast episode, click here.  
Please be aware that parts of this episode contain material that’s a bit more ‘colorful’ :)

2 thoughts on “Are you in this conversation?

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