So… you doing ok?

yo3f8856Thank all of you who have commented… emailed… called… texted… tweeted… facebooked about the latest news in our family (read here if you missed it).  I think we really are doing ok.  We are optimistic and hopeful.  For Neil, this means he’s awake.  For me, this  means people are praying for us. :) It’s overwhelming to realize just how many people are in similar situations right now, or have been recently, or expect to be soon.  So, if you’re praying for us, thank you so very much.  Please know God has been at work in the sweetest of ways.  If you know other people facing uncertainty and possible financial troubles, be praying for them as well.  And be sure to let them know.  

This is what we should be about.

11 thoughts on “So… you doing ok?

  1. Our prayers are with you. We can testify…God is faithful to provide all our needs when we know it is impossible in the natural. Keep walking as you are, in His steps, and He will provide. Had a great time getting acquainted with Hallie at wedding weekend. She’s a gem. Love you!

  2. we love you guys so much. and although it may not be as soon as you like … when vince gets a big budget for a feature … neil will be on set with us. :/

  3. i saw the link to this blog on “douglas and main”.

    I also got let go from my job in downtown wichita this past month. my thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family.

  4. We sure are praying for you guys! And, figuring you wouldn’t mind, I had Nick tell Jo & Mark. The glories of all the means of communication! Haha…can’t keep anything a secret! Hope you all are staying healthy!

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