Worship Reflections 03.22.09 VIDEO!!


New sermon series began today, which will lead us to Easter.   Graphics by Justin Cary, (now on twitter as @jcfoto).

Set list:
Sing to the King by Billy Foote
I Lift My Hands by Jay Cook
You Are by Mark Roach
The Glorious Impossible by Carl Cartee
Empty Me by Chris Sligh

Reflections on the worship experience, and how it all fit together, via video. Because I thought it would be easier than writing.  It wasn’t, really.  But here you go anyway. 

This post is a part of Sunday Setlists at Fred McKinnon’s blog.  Check it out!

8 thoughts on “Worship Reflections 03.22.09 VIDEO!!

  1. wow… how cool to hear that about ‘You Are’ … Kim, you rock, thanks SO much for doing what you do and for ALL of your encouragement and support! :)Mark

  2. Yes…do this again….it is always great to read your refections and hearing you talk about them was equally wonderful.Thank you for sharing your love for the people and God’s heart thru your gift of Worship.

  3. I LOVED THIS!!!It’s so cool to see and hear you! Sounds like an awesome day, too; I love how passionate you are about what happens in the room with the people. I get choked up a lot, too – looking out at people, knowing their stories….Interesting – we also opened with ‘Sing to the King’. And we also asked people to move at the end, which we rarely do….Makes you wonder if the Holy Spirit orchestrates our programming even more than we realize….just sayin’you rock, girl!

  4. Loved the video. Liked how you played clips of your songs. I’m honestly much more likely to listen all the way through a video then read a lengthy post. Get some rest!

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