The Bad Apples.

I love listening to ‘This American Life” podcasts. Usually they are full of great stories, and I almost always learn something. This has become one of my favorite things to listen to when I get a chance to drive alone in the car.

Recently, I heard a great leadership segment on This American Life. It centered around a research project aimed at finding out if one person with a bad attitude in a workplace can destroy that workplace. Does one bad apple really spoil the whole bunch? It’s sociology. Love that.

If you lead a group of people, or work in a group of people, or work with people at all, you need to listen to this.

Follow this link to the episode (‘Ruining it For the Rest of Us’), listen to the first 13 minutes of the full episode.

Or, go here to download the episode from iTunes.

Don’t fret about my nerd tendencies. That is, unless I start referring you to episodes of Grammar Girl’s Quick & Dirty tips for Better Writing.

That would be bad.

3 thoughts on “The Bad Apples.

  1. There is nothing nerdy about enjoying podcasts. My favorite has been the Harvard Business Ideacast. I will check out this podcast.

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