Three things I can’t get over.

1.  The more time I spend talking to and listening for God, the better.  Better me…. better attitude… better perspective.  The more I look in God’s direction, the more things are in color.  Anger is farther away. Patience is nearer.  Glimmers of God’s perspective are more reachable.  All those scriptures about light and freedom and truth make sense.

2. This is a daily need.  It doesn’t accumulate.  As soon as I stop spending time talking to and listening for God, I begin to lose hope.  As soon as I start looking in other directions, my perspective slips toward darkness.  The effect is nearly immediate. And the downward turn continues the more I listen to other things and look elsewhere for light.

3. God is always immediately here.  Even if I’ve neglected the relationship for weeks.  When I ask in sincerity, He is right here.   Not necessarily with answers or ‘get out of your consequences free’ cards.  But when I turn in his direction, I almost always run into him.  He doesn’t make me re-earn his trust.  

In this way, He is so not like us.

I will never get over this.


10 thoughts on “Three things I can’t get over.

  1. It seems like a person should be able to catch the drift more quickly…some of us have well-beaten path coming back to the Father. And what’s incredible…God always offers the same response…welcome home

  2. grannynanny… you are too kind. will you remind me I wrote this in about 6 days? I’ll have lost my grasp on it by then.

    Staying all balanced & stuff isn’t one of my talents. :)

  3. This post is going in my Bible – and maybe on my mirror – to look at frequently.

    You have too many talents for one person to develop to their fullest potentials. That doesn’t sound grammatically correct, but I’m leaving it at that.

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