A while ago our friend Justin allowed Neil to borrow his latest acquisition: a Canon 5D Mark II camera.  Neil took about 376 pictures that day.  I just ran across a few of them he took about five minutes after he picked up the camera.


I include this one because it is unfathomable to me that this person… who was a wee baby like 5 minutes ago… is actually this tall.  She’s my warrior princess. Crazy sauce.


This is our son’s ear.


And here you can see both ears.

img_7927But this right here… this is the picture that tells the story of our every day.  Why it is that I have trouble giving out consequences for actions like demonstrating to everyone how to get by in the school bathroom when you can’t undo your belt.

Heaven help me.

6 thoughts on “Because.

  1. derek… i’ll find out the answer to your lens question. I think the answer to your apostrophe question lies within the wonder that is the Brown County School Corporation.

    brent… you being mean to my boy? new camera, new lens, low lighting… we’re going to have to come out there I so I can flick you in person. :)

  2. wait the aren’t encouraging creative problem solving at his school?

    Oh and the photo-nerd in me want’s to know the model of lens that was on this ssswwweeeet camera.

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