Worship Confessional 02.15.09

30 Hour Famine feature w/ jr hi students
transition to worship focus
Come and Fill This Place (followed by brief prayer)
Grace Like Rain
Awesome is the Lord Most High
Offering (the song & the activity)
message:  Letter to the Philippians, chapter 3:1-11
Amazed/Amazing Grace (My Chains are Gone) 

Peek inside 
Come and Fill This Place (Helming):  this is an older song (without an iTunes presence) that functions as a simple invocation; it just asks God to come and be with us. This week, it seemed good and right to do something that would help us to focus.

Grace Like Rain (Agnew): a well-known song for our church.  Moved us toward the direction of the message theme.  Probably should have switched this song with  Awesome is the Lord Most High (Tomlin).  Would have been better to come out of ‘Come & Fill’ & prayer with ‘Awesome’ which is higher energy, since we were heading toward another prayer and Offering (Baloche). 

Amazed (Anderson)/Amazing Grace (My Chains are Gone) (Tomlin): Led these songs with piano & vocals only. I love scaling things backto end a service now and then;  it allows people to actually process what they’ve heard. This is the first time we’ve used ‘Amazed’.   It’s an easy-to-learn, easy-to-sing chorus that was a perfect reflection after the message.  Moved directly to ‘Amazing Grace’ as a simple proclamation of the power of grace.

World Vision/30 Hour Famine
 The 30 hour famine is a nationally organized event with the purpose of raising funds to fight world hunger through World Vision.  Our jr high ministry has participated in the 30 hour famine for 15 years.  The goal this year is to raise $14,000 in donations, which I’m sure they’ll reach.  World Vision will receive matching grants from the government this year which will quadruple the funds donated.  So if our jr high group meets its goal, close to 200 people will be fed for a year. 

A burst of trivia
Everytime I sit at the piano to play ‘Amazed’, this song comes to mind. 

Our band usually gathers after our first set in the 9:45 service to evaluate how it went and what we could do differently.  Because we don’t have a back stage area, we default to gathering in the main foyer. This week we had a bit of an animated discussion about how to fix an awkward transition between ‘Grace Like Rain’ & ‘Awesome is the Lord’.  I noticed a guy sitting on a couch in the foyer who couldn’t help but listen in, and who was laughing at? with? us. I met him after our little conversation was over, and he said something about it being good to know that no one’s perfect.  I noticed him in the 11:00 service, and he was quite happily engaged in the worship service.  I hope our light-hearted group-think helped him get there.

This post is a part of Sunday Setlists at Fred McKinnon’s blog.  Check it out!

3 thoughts on “Worship Confessional 02.15.09

  1. Neat… I just finished planning for THIS week and planned for the choir to do Come and Fill This Place. It’s an “oldie” but a good one and we needed to pull something familiar for this week. :)

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