Journey to re:create ’09

Last year I had the opportunity to go to a worship arts conference called ‘re:create‘.  It was a great experience; it was the best thing I’ve attended during my 9 years of in worship ministry.  Read about that experience here.  

I knew I had to go back this year, and I knew Neil had to go with me. So we’re spending the week in Nashville with a group of 150 or so other worship arts leaders.  It made the most sense for us to drive, so we’ve made our way across several states over the past couple of days.  We missed the Super Bowl to do this.  I know. There were zero little smokies for us. I briefly considered a small crockpot in the back seat.

As Neil said, there are about 12 layers of goodness around this week.   He’s on vacation from work for a week.  He and I get to spend the week together.  We get to spend the week learning to know some great people.  In a great city.  Eating great food.  And all of that is in addition to the actual content of the conference, some of which we know about, and some of which is a surprise.  It’s part of the magic of re:create. It’s part think-tank, part rest, part resourcing, part inspiration, all creative.  Hopefully I will be able to write about it a bit throughout the week.  Many others will be writing as well.  If you follow me on twitter or facebook, you’ll see a flurry of updates I’m sure.

I’m thankful for a church leadership that values these kinds of experiences for staff. I’m grateful for Neil’s week of vacation.  And I’m in awe of the fact that my mom is living in our house this week to take care of our kids.   Oh, and I’m grateful you all got to eat your little smokies.  Really.

4 thoughts on “Journey to re:create ’09

  1. 1. erin: I DO want to be like you. Accept it. :) You are an amazing woman. And let me know next time you’re in the ICT so we can get together for something non-dairy.2. cathy: so you’re saying you didn’t have little smokies either? HOLY COW. what a great menu.

  2. Glad you had a safe trip…Looking forward to reading about re:create. What you missed by driving east instead of west:Grilled Brats w/carmelized onionsHamburger QuesoBacon wrapped jalepeno thingiesPita wraps w/pesto & peppersLettuce Salad w/strawberries, feta & baconCookies, Brownies, Ice Cream schnacksYummmmmmmm.

  3. 1. i am jealous you are in nashville2. but the real reason i am writing on here is because i just scrolled over my name of the right hand side of the screen to read “creative, ministry-headed, college student. i want to be like her” want to know what the first thing that went through my head was??? “WHAT?!?! She wants to be like me? But I want to be like her! How does that work?” 3. I love you. I miss you. I need to hang out with you sometime soon. Nuff said.

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