Happy Birthday.

This is my husband, Neil.  It’s his birthday today.


He’s a great husband.  We’ve been  married 14 years. Which means I was 12 when we got married. :) 


I used to wonder what he might have been like as a kid.  But now we have a good chunk of his personality walking around our house in the form of our daughter, and apparently a nearly exact image of him walking around in the form of our son.  So at least that’s covered. 


See? There it is.


Yep.  All of it.  

Happy birthday, Neil.  Thank you for being a great husband & a great dad.  Your infinite optimism has pulled me out of the dark side more times than I can count.  Your creativity never runs out.  Your ability to take on any problem and work it out patiently is amazing.  Thank you for shaping our family.

I love you!

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