Worship Reflections 01.18.09

yes…. slowly returning  :)

Set list:
Cry Out Your Name (Jeff Moore)
A Thousand Hallelujahs (Mark Roach)
You Gave Your Life Away (Paul Baloche, Kathryn Scott)
How Great is Our God (Chris Tomlin, Jesse Reeves, Ed Cash)

Topic: This is the second week of our ‘Letter to the Philippians’ series, focusing on part of Philippians 1.  We also observed the Lord’s Supper today. 

More detail:
Cry Out Your Name:  a ‘old favorite’, good opener, always plays well.
A Thousand Hallelujahs:  this was our second week to use this song.  It’s a great opening-set-song for us… fun to sing, great lyrics, energetic.  Mark Roach is a worship leader & songwriter in St. Louis whom I’ve met. You should definitely check out more of his music; he’s a quality leader and artist.
Lord’s Supper intro & set-up:  the usual flow of communion for us involves a verbal set-up & prayer, then trays of bread are passed out to the congregation.  After everyone has received bread, the pastor invites everyone to eat together.  Prayer again, then trays of little communion cups are passed out to the congregation… after everyone receives the cup, all drink it together.  This means we usually need two sections of music.  Sometimes we use purely instrumental music, sometimes vocal, sometimes the congregation is invited to sing along.
You Gave Your Life Away:  new for us. Used this song today during the Lord’s Supper as a reflection piece.  Greg, a great vocalist for us, did a beautful job singing lead, along with two female vocals on harmony here and there.  Instrumentation was sparse piano, bass, and B3.  Adding in long instrumental interludes, we stretched it across both communion elements.   LOVE this song.
How Great is Our God (offering):  this flowed out of  ‘You Gave Your Life..’ after prayer.  This is very well-known and provided a way for the congregation to respond wholeheartedly following communion.  Chose to go into the chorus of  ‘How Great Thou Art’ as the ending.

Overall, a simple worship service, with the communion time as a worshipful centerpiece, if you will.  Both new songs will hopefully find a home on our ‘regular’ list.  I’m SO very grateful for great worship writers.

This post is a part of Sunday Setlists where you can see what other churches are doing during their worship experiences.  Check it out!

11 thoughts on “Worship Reflections 01.18.09

  1. “a simple worship service” – they’re usually the best, somehow. I prefer to stretch the song across both elements. We also did Communion this week at Java, and we had the bread on each of the café tables so that they really shared it with one another. Again – sweet simplicity.

  2. We did “How great is our God” this week also and I totally agree because it’s so well-known it provides a great way for the congregation to respond wholeheartedly!

    Our church loves “You gave Your Life away”!

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