Big Family News!

I’m coming out of blog hiding for this historic moment.

Meet Sparky.


Meet Sparky’s new best friend, Happy.


And his other new best friend, Sleepy.


In a dazzling display of parental enthusiasm never seen around these parts, Sparky came to live with our family today.  
He is our first family dog.


He is very friendly, very loving, well-behaved, and very smart.  
Except for when he became obsessed by the ‘other dog’ in the fireplace.


And there was this moment.


That would be a favorite stuffed animal that happens to have a rattle inside.  
Sparky thought he was the luckiest guy in the world.  Jonathan was not so thrilled.

They tell us that Sparky is an Australian Shepherd mix.


But most pictures I find of Australian Shepherds look like this.



So I’m thinking we’ll be emphasizing the ‘MIX’ part of Sparky’s description.


Turns out daddy is quite happy about bringing Sparky into the family, despite all his attempts to portray the skeptic.  Today was a great day for daddy, because in addition to being the Best Dad Ever Because We Got a Dog, he had the chance to use this camera, which belongs to our friend Justin.


I’m hoping to post a bit of video later, taken from the above camera as well as from our totally inferior family Finepix point-and-shoot.

(what? Christmas decorations? what?)

14 thoughts on “Big Family News!

  1. i want a puppy – even though sparky is not so much a puppy. i find him to be irresistible and when vince and i come to meet my best friend’s baby for the first time in march, we MUST meet for a meal, snack or beverage at your place. vince and neil can ponder all things media/technology related while being manly and wrestling with the dog. and you and i can talk about the finer things of life and apply theory and philosophy and then come full circle in our conclusion that you know more about life than i and everything i attempted to apply was existential … sigh … i can’t wait to see you again :)

  2. Glad you came out to share Sparky!Looks adorable and I promise he will rise on that list. I just lost one of my doggies the Sunday before Christmas. She would have been 19 next month. She was way up on my list.Pets often remind me of Christ, they love us no matter what.I’m so excited for your family!

  3. When we got our two little dogs, they provided the perfect opportunity to get our 2 children ready for the arrival of our 3rd child. See where I’m going with this?

  4. Doug… right back at yaBrent… maybe if you and Neil get together and sell all the extraneous gear you have between you, we can all afford one. (tam… am I right on the existence of the extraneous gear?)Cathy…the Diet Pepsi thing goes like this: it will NEVER WORK if I have to wait UNTIL Cathy visits to have a Diet Pepsi. See? The power of the diet pepsi really makes the whole list possible.

  5. Ahhhhh…excellent. I’m a little disturbed by the Diet Pepsi, but other than that your priorities seem to be in fine order. Thankfully H & J will ensure Sparky’s happiness while you’re sleeping, facebooking, and blogging. I may consider trading the coveted #4 spot with the dog until my arrival. Then…all bets are off.

  6. Cathy… we will move Sparky to a friendly boarding house if we have to the next time you’re here. Just to be clear, my priorities are (in order, not including God):husband happychildren safe, loved, and developing into fine young peopleDiet pepsiCathy visitingsleepfacebook blogdog happy

  7. Tam’s on to something…It really IS like Christmas hasn’t ended yet. Great pics. Your expression – hilarious. Sparky’s cute — but NOT cute enough to hang out in the guest room. Do I need to have a little chat with him? K thanks. :)

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