One week.

One week from today I will turn 40.
I’ve heard it helps to say it out loud, so I’m choosing to do so in print. 

So, what does one do in the final week of one’s 30’s? I’ve never been much of a long-term-goal setter, so I don’t have a list of things I’ve hoped to achieve by this point.   I’m sure I should feel more guilty about this lack of conventional wisdom,  but the fact is, I’m actually a bit grateful. I don’t have the imagination to dream up the kinds of things God has brought about in my life. I could have never, ever dreamt up an accurate description of the man that I have married, for example.  Never.  Knowing me and my rule-following tendencies, if I had put things on paper (like, “what kind of husband I’ll have”), I would have been conflicted to the point of near implosion when face-to-face with the things, people, and plans that are now a part of who I am.  

That said…. what does am I doing in the final week of my 30’s?

Helping my daughter with homework
Planning several worship experiences
Rehearsing with musicians
Attending kids’ Christmas program at school
Hosting a staff Christmas party for our kids’ school
Attending the birthday party my husband is planning for me
Making plans for our son’s birthday party
Squeezing in some form of Christmas shopping
Squeezing in some form of birthday shopping for our boy
Leading worship
Hosting our church staff Christmas party 
and finally… the normal food/laundry/cleaning stuff of any given week

Dang. I let the list sit for a moment.  Here are some things I didn’t even think to include: 

Read and reflect on the story of Jesus coming to earth
Pray for the people around me
Pray for the people around the world that we have committed to pray for 
Pray for opportunities to serve others
Lead our kids in thinking differently about the Christmas season 

I want to be more about the green list than the red.  Regardless of Christmas or birthdays or the things I feel obligated to do, that is what I want to be about.  I do not always hit that mark, which is probably the giant unspoken disappointment I have for myself.  I should have this under control by 40, right? So. This week. I want to do the green list while walking through the red.

This is me Setting A Goal (mark it on your calendars). One week at a time.  How about you?

12 thoughts on “One week.

  1. sorry… missed some comments…tam: you’re too kindbrent: you’re not. :) Hope your week goes well, also, and that you BOTH enjoy whatever Christmas brings your family and church.

  2. i just turned 38 and i can just kick myself for not having accomplished all the things i know i a terrible goal setter.hope you do better than me.and sheesh woman, you look awesome at 40!!!

  3. Easy shmeezy. You’re such a pup, really. Many of us (like someone else who already replied above — no mention of any names, but she has someone else who had a birthday on the exact same day as her and she looks almost identical to her)have already turned FORTY ONE! I think in your last week of being in your 30’s, you should dye your hair grey, let your eyebrows grow in, stop plucking any stray hairs off your chin, completely go off any face cream that claims to stop aging, gain 35 pounds by eating any Christmas baking you can get your hands on, stop drinking water so that your hands get really dry and wrinkly, and just embrace the slow sagging of anything that wants to sag.And do all of the green thingies, too, b/c that will remind you that God loves you no matter what you look like, and no matter how old you are. xo ps — the snowflakes are even falling over this text box. You are such a techie (is that how you spell it?) geek now. What happened to your love of all things post-it notes?

  4. You sure that’s not supposed to be “30” and you mis-typed? One nice thing is you might as well just stop counting birthdays now because it gets harder and harder to remember how old one is from here on out.The “what to do in a week” answers do reside in what’s at the heart of your green list. Use this next week to enter your forties closer to God than you left your thirties. Then make that your goal for each week, day, hour that follows. I can honestly say this has been one of the best weeks of my life because I’ve gone “green.”

  5. I’m not far behind you. Don’t sweat the number. You’re as old as you act. Or feel. Or something.I kind of like getting older, because I’m finally figuring some things out. Sure wouldn’t go back. Every day is one step closer to Jesus.Happy birthday.

  6. hey, being 40 isn’t that bad…really. now that i’ve lived through the full 341 days, i’d say be ready for the ride of your life! :) your just a young whipper snapper anyway and the saying “you’re only as young as you feel” totally holds true. My advice is sit down and plan something on the 17th of every month…coffee with a friend, a hot bath, a walk with the family around the lake – make it a memorable year. early birthday greeting kimberly jo! love you!

  7. wait. didn’t you know that 40 is the new 30? you have at least 10 years to fret about the green list (at which point you should have it under cnotrol). :)

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