Makin’ me laugh…

People around me make me laugh.  All the time.  Often when I least expect it, but most need it.  Here are a few of my favorite exchanges lately:

Setting: band rehearsal.  Learning a new song.
Bass player:  I don’t have the chords to that song.  (to worship leader/acoustic player) Can I look over your shoulder? 
Acoustic player: My shoulder doesn’t have the right chords.
Drummer:  Stupid shoulder.

Setting: staff meeting
staff member 1: I haven’t seen [person x] at church for a while.
staff member 2:  well, he is a fairly quiet guy.
staff member 1: but he’s.. visible, right?

Setting:  car pool, which includes our neighbor kindergarten girl
girl: my feeling hurts.
me: your feeling? your one feeling hurts?
girl: yes. (pause) my third one.

Setting: dinner time at home
background: son’s kindergarten class uses a green/yellow/red card system to reward and encourage good behavior.  After a student has a certain number of ‘green card’ days, he or she gets to pick something out of a ‘treasure chest’.

son: mom, I just barely missed the treasure chest today.
me: (suspicious) why’s that?
son: guess.
me: did you get a yellow card?
son: (grins) yep.
me: why?
son: because I did this down the hall (collapses and log rolls across the floor) 
me: you rolled on the floor?!!?
son: (giggling… proud) yep.
me: which teacher gave you the card?
son: guess.
me: Mrs. B___?
son: yep. man, she’s strict.

Who makes you laugh in your everyday life?

10 thoughts on “Makin’ me laugh…

  1. Kim, Here’s my most recent funny and the best one in a long time…Sunday evening after caroling with a group of church friends, our worship leader/overseer said that his father had owned a music store and back in the day when records were the hit, he actually had a machine that cut records. As he was describing to the guys around him how it actually worked, his wife smiled sweetly at me and said, “His dad was always on the cutting edge.” I about died laughing!!!!

  2. “staff member 1: but he’s.. visible, right?”

    THAT one made my nose snot!

    my son makes me laugh every day. he is a natural “not right in the head” funny guy! i love it!

  3. derek… yeah, I have a couple of brothers that make me laugh, too. :) That ‘way over right there’ phrase is going to come in handy when describing our travels to all be together over Christmas, yes?

    I love that. Way over right there. It DOES describe the location of just about anything.

  4. My sister and brother make me laugh a lot.

    My son is already making me laugh more on a daily basis than I ever did before. My current favorite phrase of his is “way over right there” to describe the location of just about anything.

    BTW, tell jonathan that just yesterday I fought the urge to do the exact same log roll down the hallway but realized there was a strict teacher about.

  5. krysta… I will remind you of that comment. :) Yes, the boy makes us laugh on a regular basis. I’ll be sad when he grows out of this particular level of innocence.

  6. laughing right now at work.

    tell him some day when he’s old enough to understand that he made me (yes, me) want to have a little boy some day who will tell me stories like that.

  7. I got an e-mail this morning that made me laugh SO hard! I will try to forward it to you when I can get my e-mail up and running again. My family has a great sense of humor, I love it! It is so good to laugh…thanks for sharing your laughs.

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