Lorena & Luis.


Lorena lives in Mexico. Two years ago, Lorena was found lying in the dirt next to her family’s house, covered with flies, and too weak to stand or sit (due to malnutrition). Her mother worked all day, and is an alcoholic, so Lorena and her 2 older siblings were left home alone.  The children spent their days on the streets looking for something to eat. 

Lorena moved to an orphanage in Vincente Guerrero, Baja, Mexico just before her 2nd birthday.  She is now four years old.  Her mother has come to visit her once, but isn’t willing to receive help for her addiction or for the care of her family, so Lorena will remain at the orphanage.

Lorena lives in a house with 7 other kids of varying ages and with a set of house parents.  They eat meals together and the kids have rotating chore lists. The 7 year old boys torment the 16 year old girls, and the 4 year old (Lorena) gets loved on by everybody because she’s the ‘baby’.  Sounds like a family.

Last year for Christmas, we gave our kids pictures of Lorena, because we had decided to sponsor her. We chose to sponsor a child at this specific orphanage because we had committed to take our family there during the summer (which we did) and we wanted a connection with a child we could meet in person.  Our sponsorship would help pay for what the orphanage was already doing for Lorena.  It would also help Lorena learn a little about the love of God, because only God could bring all of us together.


This is the best family picture we have of us with Lorena.  It’s the best because it’s the only one where Lorena wasn’t diving to try to touch Jonathan’s hair. It’s also the best because of Neil’s expression.  Lorena’s housemate, 7 year old Ricardo, took this picture.  Along with about 147 other pictures. Using our camera.

We just received a letter that Lorena is no longer at the orphanage.  She has been adopted by a Mexican family.  Government agencies handle adoptions, so the orphanage staff have no information about Lorena’s new family.  We hope and pray that the family she now lives with will love her and provide for her in a way that grows her into a woman of God.  We now have the opportunity to sponsor a different child at the Baja orphanage…. I think we’ll go with this guy since he jumped in our picture. So, meet Luis!

Luis and his sister Rocio live in the same house Lorena lived in, so we learned to know him a bit. 

Amazing to see my kids in this place, with these new friends…all of them doing their normal kid things. We want to go back…. someday we will.  For now, we welcome Luis into our family and commit to supporting and loving him. It’s another great Christmas present for our whole family.

Your turn. Who can you share with this Christmas?

4 thoughts on “Lorena & Luis.

  1. Kim,You sang great last night at the program. Everyone did very well. I sang the best I could considering that I stayed home from work Thursday and Friday to rest and get rid of a horrible cold. Christmas is one of my most favorite times of year. I was sitting by Patti Harms and she told me, “Doris, sure has alot more confidence in me than I do.” “I thought we were going to practice some at 6:30?” I thought that too. I watched the video with Jonathan and Rocio. It was so cute. As I am sure that eveyone who went on the Baja, Mexico trip (2008) was changed in ways they never would imagined they would be. For one, I know that God is my Provider and Sustainer and I fall in love with Him over and over again b/c of the fact that He loves me for ME! Even when I disappoint Him, which I know I have done many times. I cannot wait when my time here on earth is through, and I can be with my True Love Forever!

  2. I’ll be sponsoring a child on the Reece’s Rainbow Angel Tree. http://www.reecesrainbow.com/angeltree2008.htmThe little boy I have sponsored since August has also been found by his forever family, so I will have to choose another child for ChristmasThese are children with Down Syndrome who are living in orphanages around the world. Many will be sent to mental institutions around the age of 4. They can be expected to live for about a year after the transfer.It’s time that we stop throwing away, and aborting by the way, children because they have DS. When I look at these sweet helpless faces, I see the face of Jesus!

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