My husband and his production crew just finished construction of a cyclorama, or cyc wall. Don’t know what a cyclorama is? Read about it here.  Here’s a picture of Neil & his production coordinator standing in the cyc wall they built.  
cyc wall with people

Isn’t it pretty?  It’s for green screen, or chroma key, shots.   Read about what that is here.  The rounded corners had to be created from plaster by hand. Which took some skill and some time. My husband did a stellar job with the design, construction, and management of this project.

green wall in gallery

The wall has been built at the end of a long narrow gallery that is used for art shows, video shoots, etc. When the green wall isn’t needed, it can disappear behind a lovely red curtain.



Oh, and I also learned a nifty trick.  If you stand very close to a green cyc wall, looking directly at the wall so that there’s only green in your periphery, anything you look at next will appear magenta.  No kidding.  

(That one was for free.)

15 thoughts on “Cyclorama-slamma-jamma

  1. I just stumbled on this! looks really nice, how long did it take them to construct it? How wide is it exactly looks kinda like a 16x16x12 greenscreen? How much did cost to build? Does it get used much? Do they wish it were bigger?

    • Hi Ross, thanks for your questions. answers: it took about a month to build because the corners were created with plaster & drywall mud (many many layers). You’re right… it’s about 16x16x12. Cost: under $500. Use it all the time, and the size is great for the projects that called for it. If you have more questions, you can email my husband at

  2. dorothy… my husband is the production manager for the video arm of a small multi-media company. He has produced a video or two for our church through the company, and he sometimes does it on the side as a volunteer, but most of his video work is not related to our church.

  3. So…if you have a green screen, and you chroma key a green screen on top of it…will you go back in time? It may be a black…err, green hole that is created. Green walls will now scare me!

    Chris Glanzer

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