Youth Conference Weekend: pics

Kim & Hallie went to Oklahoma.
Kim & Hallie went to Oklahoma to be a part of the team behind a high school youth conference for kids from churches in Oklahoma, Kansas, & Colorado.
Hallie got to miss a day of school and hang out with the cool people.
Here’s what it looked like…..

When you train up a child to appreciate coffee shops.

SO glad she likes coffee shops

When you train up a child to appreciate Garage Band.

garage band

(more pics below)

Set lists.

set lists

Our friend Brian and his pink guitar.  And the pink mic that somehow materialized.


Hallie ‘studying’ during rehearsals.


Hallie wearing her shoes……   and Hallie wearing MY shoes.

shoes2shoes 1

Hallie makin’ her daddy proud by choosing to take this picture.

the board

the room… full…

full room

the band… full…

full band

… in action…


the contrast that makes us laugh…

the contrast

Kim’s potential wardrobe malfunction.  See the trouble? (yes, I spent a full EIGHTEEN DOLLARS on those Koss earbuds. Which is almost exactly like spending at least $100 on the really good ones. No amount of money would have prevented me from wrapping those bad boys around the hoops, however)

earskim close shot

Hallie + point & shoot + digital zoom + low light =

Hallie snaps a pic of the dark side stage area

fun at free time… down town boutique…..


And finally… every parent knows that you must capitalize on the teachable moments as they come. So this is me training up the child to be sure to avoid…..

teachable moments

….the poo pouring out of the building on day 3 of the event. Blech.

yes. that's poo.

The end.







One thought on “Youth Conference Weekend: pics

  1. Looks like so much fun. You are such a good mommy. Bring Hallie to India. There is much poop to avoid here. My kids know to avoid all wet spots on the ground, as well as all unidentifiable piles of “whatever” — you never know what it might be, so just avoid.

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