Yeah, let’s keep the voting age.


Overheard at breakfast this morning between the 5yo and the 10yo:

5yo: (deadpan through entire conversation) So, did you vote?

10yo: No. I’m not old enough.

5yo: Well, I voted.

10yo: (just a little annoyed) You voted.  Who did you vote for?

5yo: Obama.

10yo: Why did you vote for Obama?

5yo: He’s cool. And McCain doesn’t even play basketball.


Only 13 years to sharpen his political prowess.  A parent’s work is never done.

9 thoughts on “Yeah, let’s keep the voting age.

  1. tell 5yo that I think McCain was a drummer at least the years he was captive (I think that was 5 1/2) He tapped rythmns on the wall to the next mate in order to communicate. That’s drumming, right?

  2. just have to say that your kid is the 3rd kid (including mine) i heard say the thing about Obama and basketball.

    i dug a scholastic reader out of my Maize 1st grader’s backpack yesterday and figured out why: next to McCain’s photo was an old pair of untied hiking boots and the sentence, “McCain likes to hike.” next to Obama was a photographed basketball and it said, “Obama likes to play Basketball.” duh?!? what gradeschooler prefers hiking to baskeball?!

    Regarding what they like to do in their free time: there was a photo of McCain standing next to a giant pizza pie. adjacent was a photo of Obama on a rollercoaster with his daughter. hmm…giant ugly pizza man or cool exciting roller coaster dad?

    (if this bothers you like it does me, read “The Abolition of Man” or “That Hideous Strength” both titles by CS Lewis, non-fiction and fiction, respectively.)

  3. tam… I would love you to be in real life human size at our place!

    jill… you’re absolutely right. And by the way, I’d love you to be in real life human size at our place as well!!!!

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