Worship Reflections 10.26.08


Wow.  Look at me, all absent from my blog for almost 2 weeks.  

Theme: Heart Rules: Happiness
This week officially ended the presentation part of our financial campaign for a new worship center.  There was much to celebrate! Pastor spoke about happiness & joy, and held this idea up for us: “Because God’s goodness in greater than life’s badness, Christians should always (to some degree) display happiness & joy.”  Chew on that a while.

Song set:
Everybody Praise the Lord (Lincoln Brewster)
All About You (Houghton, Cruise-Ratcliff)
Filled With Your Glory (Neufeld/Neufeld)
God of this City (written by band Bluetree)
You Never Let Go (Redman) 

Everybody Praise the Lord:  two things     
– this isn’t a great participation song for our church     
– in my opinion, it takes very little imagination to place Lincoln Brewster’s voice quite close to Sponge Bob’s on this song.

God of this City: lots to say.  This was our debut of this song, which was timely considering our building campaign.  We were inspired by the arrangement on Chris Tomlin’s Hello Love album. Love this arrangement. Used images of our city (that being Wichita) as backgrounds to projected lyrics, which was very effective. And finally: this is probably more significant to me than anyone else, but I feel it necessary to celebrate the fact that we intro’d a new song sung by two male vocalists. This would be a first for us. Oh plus also one of them is our band leader and long-time keyboardist and now we all know he can sing.   Yep, secret’s out, my friend. 

This post is a part of Fred’s Sunday Setlist where worship leaders share weekend worship musings.  Check it out.

Images of Wichita, KS Photography: Justin Cary


6 thoughts on “Worship Reflections 10.26.08

  1. thejonmorris…. Thanks for commenting! I don’t know that I hold that opinion of all Brewster’s songs, but something about his voice on this one…. I guess it just makes me smile.

  2. finally someone who thinks Lincoln Brewster’s songs are a little kidish. I said that in a forum one time and about got crucified. HA!I love the musings section under the set list. A little more thought.

  3. Beth… glad someone else can hear that Spongebob thing. :) You’re attempted lyric shift for ‘God of this County’ cracked me up. Have you tried ‘Greater things are still to be done in Powhatannnnnn?’ James… yes, well, had the campaign turned out differently that song might have been appropriate….

  4. Once again, my past catches up with me. It was only a matter of time.If only we’d found a way to do my Howard Jones impression of “No one is to blame” on a Sunday morning, you would have heard me singing a lot sooner. I’m sure we could have made that fit with one of the Heart Rules.

  5. Lincoln/Spongebob.Whoa. That gets me going. You are SO right!Interesting that somebody else on the worship merry-go-round listed that song for this week as well. Odd psychic/worship phenomena? Hmmm….Sounds like a terrific service. Love the photos. You’re lucky you are actually IN a city; we are very, very rural – close to a city (Richmond), but really just a county. In fact, there are no towns in our county; if you say you live in Powhatan, well, it just means you live somewhere in the vast expanse of the county.So we sing “Greater things are still to be done in this city…”, and it’s a leap, you know? We realize it’s a little incongruous.But we tried, “Greater things are still to be done in this countyyyyyyy…..”Didn’t quite work.Glad to see you back.

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