Worship Reflections 10.05.08

Current sermon series: Heart Rules

Sacrifice Focus Trust Service Tithing Generosity Relationships 
This sermon series is linked with a financial campaign which is linked with building a new worship center. The spin on the title aims at questions like what rules your heart? what should rule your heart? what ‘rules’ did Jesus give us for our heart?  Our pastor killed this week’s message on ‘service’, using the story of Jesus washing the disciples’ feet.  We were challenged to get over ourselves and ‘take up the towel’.  Very good.

A word about the sermon series logo. We usually hire out logo design.  Because we arrived at this title at the last minute, hiring wasn’t possible. My talented and infinitely patient husband created it late one night using only an istockphoto account and a roll of duct tape because I was whining and eating it as I attempted to come up with something using the only tool I have, which is evil and should be destroyed.

Worship flow this week.
Cry Out Your Name
I Am Free (Jon Egan)
Ministry Emphasis: video & spoken highlight of current ministries of the church (this was part of our ongoing building campaign)
Message: Heart Rules… ‘Service’
Take My Life (Tomin/Giglio arrangement)
I Am Free (reprise chorus) 

Song notes: Cry Our Your Name: ok, it’s official.  I overuse this song. I Am Free:  we used this song a few years ago, probably twice.  It never quite grabbed me.  Recently, one of the people working with the ministry emphasis piece for this week suggested it to me.  I found an arrangement I really like… by the writer himself, of all people.  It has a great piano lead goin’ on, and the chord progressions are a little different, a little less predictable, than our previous arrangement. So we learned it, and the band killed it. Take My Life: Lyrically perfect to follow the message.  After the big extended chorus, instead of tagging the first line to end the song, our piano player went into the intro of ‘I Am Free’, and we ramped up to do 2 choruses. Musically, this worked beautifully. And lyrically… here’s my attempt to represent how these thoughts work together:

Take my life… take my moments… take my hands… take my feet. Take my voice… take my lips… take my silver & my gold.. take my intellect. Take my will… take my heart… take my love…. Take myself and I will be ever, only, all for Thee. Here am I… all of me. Take my life… it’s all for Thee. I am free to run, I am free to dance. I am free to live for You, I am free.

What sticks with you from your most recent experience in worship?


This post is a part of Sunday Setlists at Fred’s blog.  Check it out.  

16 thoughts on “Worship Reflections 10.05.08

  1. My most recent worship experience was AMAZING! On Sunday Night we had SPnD because it was visitation weekend and we had all the perspective students and their parents. So we had 45 minutes of praising or Amazing God through song and we started with Grace Like Rain which just made the whole evening AMAZING! I love imagining standing in the grace of God as if it were rain. Just wanted to share!

  2. I used “I Am Free” this Sunday too! Great song. I will look up “Cry Out Your Name” – I’m unfamiliar with it. I too loved the logo. I hate design work. I see it in my head but cannot do it…..

  3. It’s funny how we all have songs we overuse…We have overused I am Free, to the point that I have retired it for a season. I will have to check out the version you mentioned. I have never heard “Cry Out Your Name”, who is that by? How can I find it? have a great week planning for this weekend…pleasure to meet you:) (in the blogosphere)

  4. From my perspective (congregant), I love overused songs, (that I like. lol)But, mostly when the whole congregation gets into to, there is a fullness that swells in the congregation.Checked out “Cry Of YOur Heart”. Really liked it. But, was very excited to find the version of “Revive Us Again” on the same cd, tha ti LOVE.Thanks.

  5. Hey Kim,For me it’s not that hard to do. I enjoy it, although I would prefer to do one blended service. There’s many reason’s why we do it this way. Maybe one day we will go a unified blended service, but not right now. I could talk (or write) for days on this subject. Maybe I’ll do a post on this. Kim, tell me about your experience on two diff. services vs the way your leading the one now.Have Fun,JSKJn 10:10

  6. Kim – great set. I really really really LOVE the logo. He done good. Must be the facial hair.I am always overusing something, because I’m always in love with something. I think I need to back of ‘Let The Praises Ring’, because we’ve done it a lot lately. Including last week.Gonna check out ‘Cry Of Your Heart’ and Jon Egan….btw, I saw that somebody else playing the set list carnival game used that tune this week as well. Can’t remember who, though…it’s all a blur….

  7. Great logo! Be encouraged, we all overdue some songs – we just can’t help ourselves!! My over used song is Hosanna by Paul Baloche!

  8. I love Egan’s stuff and it looks like others are as well.This version of Take My Life is one of our churches favorites. Love it!Neil rocked the logo!

  9. Oh, I love the Take My Life song! And I’m going to check out “Cry out Your Name”. Thanks for the comment on my blog – it sure is wonderful to be able to connect with other women worship leaders- sometimes it feels like we are few and far between.

  10. Fred: “Cry Out Your Name” written by Jeff Moore. I think I first heard it on a SongDiscovery CD performed by Kim Hill. It’s relatively simple to sing, to play, and I LOVE what it says. It’s become, for me, the ‘sure thing’ opener that I can pair with a new song. Does that make sense? We’ve also used it a lot with kids, adding motions to the chorus because the concepts are so concrete. iTunes link: http://phobos.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewAlbum?i=194612866&i…But seriously, I’m going to have to give it a rest. :)

  11. Hey Kim,Thanks for posting and for being a part of “Sunday Setlists”. Our singing “Holy, Holy, Holy” pretty-much acapella yesterday (with just the voices and me softly playing the chords w/ a Rhodes patch) was what sticks with me the most.”Cry Out Your Name” – I don’t know if I recall that song – tell me about it?For the Kingdom,Fred McKinnonwww.fredmckinnon.comwww.theworshipcommunity.com

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