Will We Worship?

I was asked recently to write a short article for a newsletter related to our church’s building campaign.  We are moving toward breaking ground on a new worship center in early ’09. Thought I’d post it here…. would love to know what you think about tying thoughts about worship to thoughts about a building.

Worship happens when we gather because of three things:  the interaction we each have with God in our everyday lives, God’s revelation to us about Himself, and the opportunity to gather as a family of His children. God reveals, and we respond by living in a way that brings Him glory, which includes worshiping Him corporately.

The music and worship ministry at FMBC exists to provide opportunities and environments for the gathered church to worship God.  This church chooses to gather at this location, where God has allowed us to grow.   We have enjoyed the flexibility of our current auditorium, using it to its fullest potential for our corporate worship experiences.  Will the new facility add to what we are able to do?  Yes.  The idea of more space and flexibility inspires our imaginations, because the environment in which we worship is important. We see great potential for more creativity and more varied expressions of worship as we move into this new phase of our congregational life together. 

Even as we begin to build,  know that the music and worship ministry will continue as best we can to create opportunities for all to gather and worship together. Also, know that God will continue to reveal truth about Himself.  Your experience—our experience—of the depth of worship will continue to be deepened through the interaction we each have with our Creator, every day, through all the many parts of our lives. 

The question for us is:  will we worship? 

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