11 thoughts on “Name That Tune: Carpool Edition

  1. Just stopped by to peak at your life and found myself laughing! I used to fight with my mom about Madonna’s “livin in a material world”. I said it was “swimming in a cheerio boat.” That makes your kids seem pretty accurate.

  2. cracks me up! i was deep into listening to a new album on itunes, saw the entry, and had to stop my itunes to watch the video… and i’m glad i did!

  3. jeannie…. you win. it IS a Volvo station wagon. Tell me… does yours gift you with monthly visits to Certified Volvo Mechanics? because ours does. we love it for that. :)

  4. Hilarious!! My 4 y/o son watched this with me & said “Is that me?” The instruction on shoulder belt use is regular one & your car looks a lot like the inside of our Volvo station wagon / Mom’s little red sports car (that was stretched!)Jeannie

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