The Ten Year Flood.

When we built our house in 2001, there was this phrase tossed around:  the ‘Ten Year Flood’. Everything had to be built at an elevation to accommodate the ‘Ten Year Flood’, which I assumed to be the highest flood water level that could be imagined to happen.  We live in a sandy area, relatively low, which often floods slightly when there is a lot of rain.  

The picture above is the end of our driveway.  The past two days, we have had a lot of rain.  We can’t, as of yet, use this entrance to our house.  Our neighbors have experienced a perplexing leak in their basement.  Other neighbors’ driveway washed out.  While there is water standing around where there usually isn’t water, our own house has not been threatened. Even though we did, yes, build our house upon the sand.

This is all from a weather system that has been perched over the plains for a few days… before hurricane Ike hit the gulf coast.  

The last time a flood of this magnitude hit our area was October 1998.

The Ten Year Flood.  

That’s a little creepy.

5 thoughts on “The Ten Year Flood.

  1. Jenni… thanks for the comment. I’ve been enjoying your blog.

    tam… it’s a little crazy, yes. Thanks.

    Kellie… I saw your pics as well. Now we all understand what that big giant ditch is for, yes? :)

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