Reflection 09.07.08: the campaign


This weekend, we kicked off our building campaign.  To read about the weekend worship services, click here.

A Review:
Twenty years ago, this congregation took a huge leap of faith, bought a piece of land waaaay out of town in the middle of nowhere, and built the current building with the express goal of reaching out to the community that would be moving in that geographical direction.  The area around the church has now fully developed, and we find ourselves on one of the main streets of our region of Wichita.  The building features a multi-purpose room, which is where we now worship on Sundays… and play basketball during the week… and where pre-school parent orientation is held… and movie nights… and kids ministry games… etc.  I love that our building gets used so completely and so creatively.  

However, for those who were a part of that original building vision, there has always been a promise of building a dedicated worship center.  Our current worship space is nearly full every week, and the addition of a large meeting space would relieve several space issues. We come to this point as a healthy, growing, vibrant church family.  So a 780ish seat worship center has been drawn up, and we are moving toward a ground-breaking in early 2009 (hopefully).

The Harvest Project:
While we are not a rural church, and we do not have a large population of farmers in our church, we ARE still in the middle of Kansas. Wheat harvest IS a part of local news every summer, and many people in our congregation grew up in farm communities.  Thus the branding for the financial campaign for our new worship center: ‘The Harvest Project’.  This project.. this campaign.. the ideas of sacrifice and stewardship and prayer… these things will be what we talk about over the next few weeks.

Given this theme, a team of creative people went to great lengths to let people know that Something New is Happening this past weekend.   Banners ….  German dinner rolls (yummy… from Mennonite Brethren cultural history)… kids planting wheat seeds… a lawn ornament: 


In the previous post, I wrote about what I’ve learned over the years about God’s opinion of the church.  It bears repeating, as I do not believe we are a church just asking for money, or finding cute themes around which to gather.

One of the most simultaneously confusing and exhilarating things I’ve experienced during my years on a church staff is the resiliency and holiness of God’s church.  The Church, made up of imperfect people doing things imperfectly.  The Church, responsible for some of the most amazing and some of the most horrifying events in history.  Yet, The Church that God continually redeems and chooses to work in and through to bring light in the darkness.  When God’s presence is obvious within a church, it is truly awe-some. With the memory of some rough moments in our history, this church is recognizing God’s activity as a blessing, a miracle, a vision to be followed without hesitation.  This is not about the building.  This is about what God is stirring up in us to be and do. 

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