Worship reflections 08.31.08

Not sure how I felt about this Sunday. The theme of this week’s message was purpose… why do I exist? Our pastor delivered a simple message, shorter than usual.  Our purpose has already been determined: to please our Creator.  Bring Him glory.  Serve Him. It’s an awesome theme.  Should be the theme of every worship service.  

Song list: 
Cry Out Your Name (Moore): ‘I cry out Your name, that’s why I’m created…’
‘Til I See You (Houston/Gillies):  ‘I will live to love You, I will live to bring You praise, I will live a child in awe of You.’
I Stand Amazed (How Marvelous) and Your Name (Baloche/Brown): response following the message.
Glorified (Anderson): ‘Praise belongs to You, what can I do but sing? The greatest joy I’ve found is to lay a crown before my King….. I have but one voice, one heart, and one sacrifice. So would you take this life laid down and be glorified.’  (to listen to this song, see the previous post)

It was a worship experience thick with truth.  Musicians did a great job with the music. I enjoyed singing these songs.  Yet two things made me go ‘hmmm…’ by the time we were packing up mic cables. 
1. flow….  slightly out of whack.   There were a couple of elements that had to be included at the beginning of the worship service, and, honestly, it felt as though the congregation was in full ‘spectator’ mode by the time we invited them to participate with us. We placed more music after the message than before, so it seemed like the congregation never had a chance to fully engage before the message.  ‘Flow’ isn’t everything, but it is something, so this bugged me.  If only I had, you know, complete creative control over such things… oh, wait a minute….
2. new lenses…. a friend of ours came to church for the first time on Sunday. His family comes from a very different faith background; this was the first time he had attended a Christian church.  He has experienced some deep stuff in life recently, and because of Neil’s friendship in the past, asked if he could come to church with us.  Because he has found himself praying and he doesn’t even understand what that means.  Isn’t that awesome?  He enjoyed our church, and plans on coming back, which is amazing.   But his presence there made me view our worship experience through very different lenses, which probably made me more internally critical than usual.  If only I had control over that inner voice… dang it….

My prayer throughout the morning was that God’s presence would be real to all who came with open hearts… and that we wouldn’t mess up the delivery of His message.  Actually, my prayer was, “Lord, please don’t let us screw this up”.  Elegant, I realize.   Bottom line:  While the experience overall felt like a ‘B+’ to me, truth was proclaimed.  Worship was offered.  All was done with intent to bring glory to God.  And a most revolutionary truth was lived out: perhaps the glory brought to God actually does matter more than my ‘feeling’ about the experience. How was your Sunday?

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13 thoughts on “Worship reflections 08.31.08

  1. Wow I really wish I could have been there. My Sunday turned out to be kind of stressful. God has really been speaking to me about worship in the time that I have been at Tabor and I feel like I am really growing closer in the worship area. I am sure last Sunday went well and I will continue to pray for this Sunday at FMBC and which ever church I decide to attend.

  2. Kim,Thanks a TON for jumping aboard w/ Sunday Setlists … I especially love getting that “off-stage” perspective.Hope to see you next on the Sunday Setlists next Sunday!For the Kingdom,Fred McKinnonwww.fredmckinnon.comwww.theworshipcommunity.com

  3. Paul… It helps that I, in all my ‘alto-ness’, lead them both in the key of G. :) Went from a barely-accompanied chorus of ‘I Stand Amazed’ to a barely-accompanied chorus of ‘Your Name’. It worked very well.

  4. beth… thanks. I’m glad I’m not the only one who does this!bobby… great thought, thanks!grannynanny… I think you’re on to something with the ‘realizing who God is and what he can do’. Worship is giving God glory. A 5 year old can do that. A…. thanks for asking about our services! We do have a traditional service now. I will post some set lists for that. I don’t plan that service, and I meet with the band for 2nd & 3rd services DURING the traditional service, so I’m rarely in the room. But I can write a bit about what’s been included.

  5. I relate on the feelings thing. Totally.By the way, how is your services transition going? I’ve only seen you posting one setlist, so I was wondering since I thought the church had 3 services (2 of them identical I think.) I’d love to know what you did with the other service, especially since I lead/make creative decisions for a traditional service myself, though I also sing and stuff with our contemporary service’s worship team. :)Thanks for sharing your sets!

  6. I wasn’t in worship service yesterday. I was in the 4-5 yr. olds class.And your blog made me stop and think, “How does a 5 year old worship?” Of course, their individual level of understanding determines most of this, but when they do begin to understand, do we see bits of worship here and there?(I do realize this has nothing to do with your blog content, except you Did ask “How was your Sunday?”, so I’m barging ahead with my comments.)Is realizing who God is and what he can do the same as worship- in a little child? Oh dear. I think I’ve bitten off more than I want to chew.

  7. Yeah, I often have those thoughts when a friend, family member, or anyone whom I know is in need of the gospel visits our service. I want it/us to be “good” enough. But of course, “little is much if God is in it.”

  8. I like what you wrote here; I sometimes have the exact same internal conversations. It can be exasperating.Great set and good thoughts, friend.

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