Dear blog.

Dear blog,

Hi there.  I know it must seem strange to read something from me after not hearing from me for so long.  I can’t tell you how strange it feels to me.  As the time has stretched on from when I last wrote, I’ve felt more and more uncomfortable writing to you.  It’s like our friendship was fractured and I don’t know why.  So please forgive my silence, and know that I have thought about you nearly every single day.  I didn’t intend to stay away this long and I certainly didn’t intend to leave you in the grip of a conversation about facial hair.  Thank you for hanging in there during what has become a surprisingly provocative, yet frothy debate.

I love you.  And I’m back.


6 thoughts on “Dear blog.

  1. i’m sitting in san diego, having another crummy day (after having decided upon waking that i would, in fact, have a great day … positivity just isn’t my forte i guess) and i came across this entry.

    ha! loved it. maybe i’ll have a better day after all :)

  2. tam.. yes, it was a touching, slow-motion-running-on-the-beach kind of reunion.

    brent.. pthhhhhht. (that was me spelling a raspberry)

    tom.. we miss you too! We’ve only met once in the past month b/c of vacations, etc, but are looking forward to getting back in some kind of groove. I’m loving the updates you post on your blog!

  3. i have to admit, i am pleased that i no longer have to study your husband’s facial hair every time i check your blog. how’s life group? we miss you all.

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