Mexico: bookends

So. Turns out I was unable to post updates while in Mexico. Logistics made it impossible. I write this from a hotel room in San Diego. The post under this one was written in a similar room in the same city 7 days ago. Imagine, if you will, in that white space between the two posts, a basketful of challenge, revelation, tears, laughter, worship, prayer, questions, answers, work, sand, weariness, and joy. If you can imagine that, you will have an accurate picture of how the energy level in our family’s hotel room is different than a week ago. Our kids did very well in a schedule that was not set up for kids, and hopefully caught some things about faith and worship and culture and compassion and work and patience and self-control that they hadn’t experienced before. I know Neil and I did.

I wish I could say that over the next few days I will roll out a series of posts that attempt to capture our experience. But the truth is that in the next few days there will be laundry… there will be the reality of returning to work… there will probably be 300 emails in my inbox…. there will be actual mail in our actual mail box…. there will be 2 kids attempting to find ‘north’ in our normal surroundings… there will be lots to do just to get our feet back on the ground… and school starts in 2 weeks. Honestly, getting my online life caught up can’t be my first priority. BUT… I will write about this experience as I can. I won’t be able to help it. I think my perspective has been forever altered.

We were able to post several times to our group blog.  Go here to read some details about our first few days.

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