Family Night: the lake edition

This was a few weeks ago.  And it was the first time this summer we were all the water at the same time. Which is really quite inexcusable considering the lake is yards away from our front door. So this is us splashing around in water that is is probably 40 feet deep. And we had a great time.


A big thank you to grannynanny for being on the lake with her camera, and for the use of the boat that got us out there.

6 thoughts on “Family Night: the lake edition

  1. Hi Cat-You should bring your males up here and jump off the boat too, in 40 ft deep water. It is just wonderful close to sunset.N

  2. So fun, Kim! Look at those faces — the kids could not be more excited (or maybe H is just cold!)Grannynanny — your comments make me smile. I was so thrilled a couple of posts ago when I figured out WHO you are!!! :)I second the whole matching-shoe-family-not-going-anywhere thing. Family Night = Good Thing.

  3. Ah yes, the paparazzzzi. (Except papa doesn’t TAKE pictures. He buys boats. well, one boat.) And when we see the extremely busy, matching-shoe family out in plain sight, together, not going anywhere, we go out for a closer look.

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