Mental traffic jam.

So this weekend we’re hosting my mom’s family reunion.  About 30 people will be at our house by this evening.  We’re really excited to be a part of this, because this gathering usually happens further east and we’re rarely able to make it.  These are fun people, and it promises to be a great time.

As a bonus, this event has put pressure on us to deal with the ‘dark corners’ of our house…. bedrooms-turned-storage-rooms have been cleaned out, bedding has been found for all beds, little broken things have been repaired.  

These preparations have consumed our every waking moment (and a few moments when we should have been sleeping), which means I haven’t been able to blog about these things, which are now clogging up my head:

  • the new worship schedule at church, how it’s changed musician schedules, how it’s being received, etc.  All good news, but all worth writing about.
  • thoughts on what it means to be a part of a church family. Prompted by a graveside service for a premature baby. 
  • newest kid quotes
  • our home office remodel that my husband just finished, which is AWESOME. He is the BEST.
While I can’t take the time to write about all of this week, I will leave you with the kid quotes.
The Boy: (pointing to his bottom) Mom? Can this part of our body make noise, and, like, tell us stuff?
Me: (wha????)  No.
The Boy: then why are they called ‘buttocks’?  (pronouncing as BUTT-talks)  

At the dentist, The Boy is having his teeth cleaned.  Hygienist tells him the cleaning agent is orange flavored.  He swirls it around a bit, swallows, and says, “Orange. Yes.  I enjoy that.”

While loaded in the car to leave a friends’ house, the kids and I waited as Neil helped the friend with something.  He gets in the car, then jumps out one more time to help with something.  The Girl, head drops back on the seat in exasperation: “Ugh. AGAIN with the waiting” (this one cracks me up because this phrasing is fairly new, culturally.  how does it get to a 10 year old girl?)

What’s up for you this weekend?

7 thoughts on “Mental traffic jam.

  1. I gotta learn this blog thing. We just loved the weekend reunion. I so appreciate the hospitality of our family wherever we go. It was especially good this year.

    Question: where can we get a CD of the compiled photographs and where can we get a copy of H&C’s 40th presentation? I am happy to pay whatever cost there is to get copies.

    Can’t wait until next year in PA. I am already hounding our crew.

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