Random. Things. 4.

Quotables heard in real conversations:

“To me there’s a very fine line between the voice of a leprechaun and the voice of a pirate.”

10 year old girl: would you rather eat shrimp your whole life or drink 2384 gallons of root beer?
13 year old boy: ummm…. well… wait… am I constantly eating the shrimp?


Need to smile?  Watch this:

(h/t:Scott M)


And finally, I was very relieved to read this.  Also, I believe that I may actually live to be, like, 245.  (h/t: Kamp Krusty)


What’s random in your head today?

2 thoughts on “Random. Things. 4.

  1. I love the dancing guy. And his idea. The best ideas are so simple- like dancing around the world, and like youtube.

    The dancing collage reminds me of heaven. Not that I’ve Been there yet, but it’s how I picture heaven. I don’t mean that in a sacrilegious way; just the joy and togetherness of it all.

    thanks for putting him in here.

  2. Hmmm…since it is in my best interest, I think I may incorporate sarcasm into my daily life. I also may start using Macs…ooh…and I could make a product called iSarcasm to interface with my iLife.

    iChris iGlanzer

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