Father’s Day 2008

I’m married to a great man who is an amazing daddy. This year, the kids and I decided to create an around-town-odyssey-scavenger-hunt-a-palooza for him for Father’s Day.  This could have been done in any number of ways, but I decided to take the leap and communicate about this journey through one of my husband’s love languages…. video. My husband is a video guy.  He has always been a video guy.  He thinks in color, builds sets out of the most ordinary things, and currently works full time in video production.  So a video-guided Father’s Day seemed fitting.

Friday, the three of us spent hours driving around town, designing the odyssey. We shot lots of video (with my little Fujifilm camera), made up clues as we went, and I did a bit of directing (of my two child actors) and a bit of cheerleading (when the actors hit rock bottom). 

Saturday I frantically edited said video, meaning I learned how to dig into iMovie on the fly (because, yes, Final Cut Pro is out of my reach) while at church to ‘do a few things for Sunday morning’ (it was just a little lie…).

Sunday after church, the odyssey unfolded. Neil was given a ‘super secret decoder card’, which directed him to the video on my iPhone.  The video then led him (and the rest of us) through our afternoon.  Here’s the video. I cannot stress enough the number of disclaimers I want to put on this…. 

The kids had a great time ‘helping daddy’ figure out the clues. The super secret decoder card led us to P.F. Changs (P as in Playground, F as in Fountain, C as in Chinese fire drill).  So…. did we make it?

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11 thoughts on “Father’s Day 2008

  1. Kim, Neil and family. Happy Father’s Day from Canada! So great to actually see you guys again! What an awesome way to celebrate father’s day. I found your sight while looking for the lyrics and chords to Starfield’s song “SON OF GOD” – how weird is that!
    Gareth J Goossen

  2. cathy & jess…. I don’t know what it is about the boys and fountains. what you DIDN’T see was that when we went there the first time without Neil, Jonathan did that for about 10 minutes straight. I kept trying to stop him…. apparently it doesn’t hurt.

    And for the record, I think this is the first time we’ve done something more than a couple gifts, cards, and meat cooked by fire. :) And it’s easier when kids are older. So it’s not you, Jess, it’s the kids. Really.

  3. Wow. We made Steve a wooden box that holds tools…and it took us three days. Seriously. Uh, I won’t be showing him this post. He’d be way less excited about his messily painted box that has the word ‘tools’ on it.

    Oh, and, our 5 year old boy is totally into sitting on the fountains, too. Not sure what I’m supposed to do about that!

    It’s people like you, Kim. People like you who make the rest of us feel totally inadequate as parents. Scale it back a bit, please.

  4. tmatta… I got the scavenger hunt idea from somewhere (can’t remember where) but originally, I was going to do it with still pics. Actually it wasn’t until the day the kids and I started driving around that I made the leap to video. Thanks for the comment!!

  5. AWESOME! my question for you is did you come up with this on your own or did you read about it or hear about it somewhere else? just curious. I love to see techology used in a way that enhances families rather than the other way around. thanks again!

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