Random. Things. 3.

Friday posts are going to be random.  Just warning you.

Thoughts on grammar: How did we ever get to the point where people use this phrase:  ‘a whole nother‘?  Like, ‘I was talking about brussel sprouts, but she heard a whole nother conversation.’  I’ve probably used this phrase.  But categorically, I’m against breaking words apart and tossing adjectives in the middle.  I’m just sayin’.

Beloved snacks: I absolutely love vanilla yogurt and peanut butter.

The inner voice, on meal planning:

The Girl (10 years old), walking away from our pantry: “I’m hungry… for something healthy” (a very pointed comment aimed at the need for a grocery run).

My inner voice: “Healthy? Wha??? Isn’t that a ‘100 calorie’ snack pack you’re holding? Sheesh.”

Sunscreen convictions: after experimenting a bit this summer, I’ve arrived at these decisions: (a) name brands are worth it, and (b) spray-on isn’t.

The inner voice, on things that need to stay ‘inner’:   This week, a new word keeps popping in my head in response to various situations.   craptastic.   As in  ‘isn’t that just craaaAAP-TAS-tic’.  Horrible.  Just horrible.


One thought on “Random. Things. 3.

  1. Thanks for your post. I enjoyed it so much!

    In reply to the question your friend asked, I don’t know if you should expect to “see” how people are truly worshipping God. What if our expectations every Sunday are that as worship leaders, WE are so engrossed in His presence that HE is all we see?

    Blessings as you seek to know Him deeper and lead people to a place of really hungering to know Him through worship!

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