Random. Things. 2.

Question for you: clothing purgatory.  Does it exist in your house?  Do you have ‘a place for’ (and by that I mean ‘a horizontal surface which collects’) clothing which is not dirty enough to wash, but apparently not clean enough to put away?  This is a phenomenon I do not understand.  Somebody please ‘splain. 

Speaker paint.   You know how there is white board paint… chalkboard paint… magnetic paint… glow-in-the-dark paint?  Someone should invent speaker paint.  If I want speakers in my ceiling, I just paint them on.  If I want surround sound, a 6 inch border around the room should do it.  Imagine the transformation of the average arena concert.  Imagine the sound coming from the average paint store.  

Rules I Never Thought We’d Have to Make:

  • no more squashing marshmallows with the remote
  • no giving wedgies at church
  • no adding the word ‘poop’ to all other words

And finally, my son and I spent a morning learning a few things about this fine state we live in and the famous historical figures who have come from here.  Check it out.

7 thoughts on “Random. Things. 2.

  1. potty mouth, ha! that was a pun right? do i still get to use the imagination station while grounded? i’ll be in my box watching the “suite life with zack and cody” if you need me…

  2. superman?! really?! you know, i’ve seen that and never realized how ridiculous it seems. i like the dunn bros wristband. why didn’t i think of that sooner. i smell a trend… nope, i was wrong… it was trendpoop. sorry, i broke the rule.

  3. Sheesh…with THOSE rules, is their room in the house for ANY fun? :)Yes, most of my close actually occupy clothing purgatory.

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