TV rules?

When I was a kid, there were certain TV shows that were forbidden.  This was back in the 4-channel-accessed-only-by-antennae days, of course, when summers really were for re-runs and season premieres all happened at the same time.  There weren’t that many options, so when something fell onto the ‘no’ list, it was a very big deal. So.  I have questions. 

When you were a kid were there tv shows you weren’t allowed to watch? what were they? Are you surprised now by what you could or couldn’t watch? If you have kids of your own now, do you have rules about what tv/movies they watch? what’s off limits? do you have questions about your own rules? Leave a comment and share your answers.

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15 thoughts on “TV rules?

  1. I don’t remember having any super strict rules… I watched GI Joe, He-Man, ThunderCats, Brave Star (which I tried to imitate and promptly threw a red plastic hammer through a window… oops), Care Bears, Smurfs etc. I remember watching The Indiana Jones trilogy (I guess it’s not a trilogy anymore) and the Star Wars Trilogy (there’s only 3 of them people) a lot with my dad… I also have some memories of being allowed to come upstairs to watch Days of Thunder’s racing scenes and then having to go back down for everything else…I don’t know how I will feel when I have kids… I have a pretty large collection of DVDs (with a lot of Horror films), I think I may have a hard time watching Nightmare on Elm Street or Phantasm with my 5 yr. old, but that’s a few years a way yet… :)But then again, rules are made to be broken… and my kids will probably be smarter than me, and by then they’ll have palm sized wireless movie theatre’s and they’ll be downloading whatever they want to watch whenever they want to watch it!

  2. Amazingly, still to this day, the general rules we had as kids are kind of what I go back to. I love violence & action and both were much more ok in our house than sex! Dad usually watched movies with us so if something was too bad he had control of the remote.Like Stacey said, I do remember the “One Life to Live” phase…although I could totally pass on a soap these days.I also remember loving Bo & Luke Duke. We thought we were really cool when we got up before the sun on Sat. mornings and watched. Although there were innuendo’s I don’t think I picked up on any of them.I, too, loved the Muppets. Oh, and MIke Seaver…although he wasn’t always the best brother/son he was VERY cute and things were (like all good shows) resolved by the end.

  3. cathy… I feel the same way about the PBS show Boobah. It’s creepy. I know of a family who won’t allow their kids to watch DragonTails on PBS with reasons similar to the whole Smurf thing. Personally, I collected the Smurfs. :)mandy… welcome and thanks for commenting! Air Wolfe!!! I had forgotten about that one. That was a family favorite as well. My kids have also loved the Muppets. stacey!! have you been lurking here long? thanks for commenting. Three’s Company was banned for my brothers as well (I guess I was old enough at the time to handle it).

  4. We thought my parents were pretty strict…at least with me and my sister, not so much with my brother–the youngest, go figure. Guess I’m partly to blame since I was able to rent R-rated movies when he was 13.Okay…so I’m in a little different era, but here’s a list of no-nos:Thundercats; He-Man &/or She-Ra; GI Joe (pacifist upbrining); Three’s Company (I remember thinking they were just roommates, but now understand all the sexual innuendos); Golden Girls (ironically now one of my mom’s favorites on Nick-at-Nite); MTV was absolutely banned but sometimes we’d turn the volume really quiet and watch Michael Jackson’s Thriller video!Smurfs and Care Bears were okay, but Mom & Dad very aware of magic. I remember watching Sesame Steet, The Muppet Show, Hee Haw, and the Mandrel Sisters show. As for movies Splash, Stand by Me, and Dirty Dancing (we’re MBs, dancing is forbidden)were all out. Mom was more worried about us seeing movies with sex than violence. Guess it’s not as easy to participate in car chases or explode bombs. Funny…our family did have a stint where we all watched One Life to Live and General Hospital together after dinner. Mom was home in the afternoons during a period where she worked in the evenings and all they were tying up plots from when Mom watched them when we were little and napping! It began an addiction for my sister and I during our HS years. As for our kids…Charles is 21 months and we’re trying to be more aware of what’s on tv while he’s around. Of course he climbs in the recliner and turns it on himself. We don’t have cable so watch PBS in the AM, Sesame Street–I confess, I still love it. I also let him watch Jeporady and Wheel of Fortune. I figure they’re educational and the only kid-friendly things on while making/eating dinner. Sometimes Family Feud and Crosswords are on during lunch. It’s tv to give me “adult” company and again, the only alternative to awful daytime television.

  5. I had no tv rules growing up. I watched Texas Chainsaw Massacre at age 6…nightmares for years. My favorite shows were The Smurfs, Brady Bunch, Love Boat, Fantasy Island, Air Wolfe, Dukes, Thundercats, and anything that was closely related to a musical.Best show of all time “The Muppet Show.” Watched every Sunday night before bed. I bought all 120+ episodes that my kids LOVE.

  6. So very interesting. I watched the Smurfs. I even collected the smurfs. What is the parallel today? I wonder if I’d let the boys watch it?Nothing really wrong with them (I suppose), but I cannot stand Cailou or Lazytown. Fingernails on chalkboard.

  7. Well it was interesting cause I remember not being able to watch Dynasty (and as a kid I can’t imagine why I would even care), but I also remember my parents being huge Dallas fans (the whole “who shot JR” thing). Overall I’d say my parents were probably more liberal than most especially given their upbringing. We were not allowed to watch Smurfs after one of my dad’s relatives scared my parent’s to death with accusations regarding gargamel being a witch and casting spells and what not. I also remember my whole family sitting down to watch Hill Street Blues (fairly rough show for the times). I think in hindsight it was probably harder to say no to some shows because they were “good art”. Nowadays its not so hard. I used to be such a big fan of CSI Miami, but it is soooo dang over the top. The writing, the acting is so predictable and just plain PBS. This is really good though to hear what others are doing. With our daughter we have become a little uneasy about Hannah Montanna and only because now as Hannah enters her teen years its all about boyfriends and stuff (yuck…boys!).

  8. marina: welcome! we were all about Brady Bunch as well. And had the exact same Sunday night Disney movie dilemma! I was always so sad about that.scenescreen: welcome! I was surprised that my brothers could watch the Smurfs b/c of the whole Gargamel (?) magic thing. We didn’t have cable ever, so MTV was the delightful treasure found at other people’s houses.

  9. The Care Bears. My mom thought the “magic” they “conjured” from their bellies was evil, or something. Also,I remember finding MTV once and being told to never EVER watch that channel, which only made me want to more. She went through a hyper-conservative phase, plus I was the first born child (the experiment in parenting).My younger brothers could watch and do a lot more than I could.I’m still getting around to seeing movies that are considered classic that I was not allowed to watch at the time.

  10. We couldn’t watch the classic morning soaps. Couldn’t watch the new evening soaps. Couldn’t watch Hawaii 5-0 or Bob Newhart. Mary Tyler Moore was out. As was Carol Burnett & Archie Bunker. We watched a lot of I Love Lucy, Brady Bunch, Lawrence Welk (hate to admit that one) and any sort of PBS special related to music. We wanted to watch the Sunday night Disney movie, but unfortunately it ran right at the exact hour we were at Sunday night church. My teenage sons watch a lot of fun stuff on the National Geographic Channel, the Military Channel, the Military History channel, and the ever popular NFL Channel. They like Sponge Bob, Frasier, Raymond, and Wheel of Fortune (okay, so I pay them to watch WOF with me). They don’t even ask to see movies that I’d say no to. My husband is a little more lenient on the movies. I hate violence and blood. I hate bad language. I hate innuendos. I’m not easily entertained. But I love all the Star Wars movies, the Bourne Trilogy, Harrison Ford in anything, and classic comedies (80’s).

  11. Cathy… sorry about the Incredibles. I DO remember that when we first saw it I was a bit shocked at the number of things blowing up compared to, say, Toy Story. The story line, even the part about the family dynamics, is fairly amazing, though.Derek… I haven’t watched the Dukes recently. Shocking. I have noticed a lot of ‘G’ stuff from the early 80’s that includes fairly non-PC things. Dukes included. But aren’t you a little bit bitter about not being able to watch ‘Three’s Company’? That there was gooood tv.

  12. Can’t say I’m at all surprised with what we weren’t allowed to watch and in general I’m inclined to agree with most of the banned shows.Looking back, I’m surprised with ‘The Dukes.’ Have you watched an episode (or even part of one) recently? Kinda violent. Also a bit racy and somewhat racist (overtones at least) what with the “General Lee” and confederate flag all over the place. I pretty much have watched no television for the last, oh…2 years. Ok, that’s a lie, I’ve kind of watched Lost. Anyway, since we only have 4 channels still we’ll see what happens as Henry (11 months) becomes aware of the boob tube.

  13. Dallas? Are you kidding me? Totally off limits at my house. Dynasty, too. Soaps (of all kinds)were a big time no-no, which was the reason why I wanted to hang out at Jody Sousa’s house on weekdays we didn’t have school. Her mom was cool.My kids (5 & 3):- I am very much in line with you on the cartoons that glamorize disobedience. WAY too many of them — even for the little tykes.-no TV in the morning before school (unless I’m in a flurry – then it’s a treat.)-believe it or not, we won’t let them watch The Flintstones (completely based on Fred & Barney lying — yes, they get caught, but still…).-We are venturing into more and more movies, but have officially banned “The Incredibles” after a pattern of out-of-nowhere defiance after watching it. (I personally dig ElastiGirl — maybe someday we’ll be able to reinstate it!)

  14. I’ll go first.My parents had a thing about science fiction. And fantasy. And violence. And things that sounded like fantastic science fiction violence. So, ‘Superfriends’ (Saturday morning cartoon about Wonder Woman and Superman) and ‘Star Wars’ movies were off limits. We watched ‘Love Boat’, but ‘Fantasy Island’ was right out. My husband and his brother weren’t allowed to watch ‘Dukes of Hazzard’ because it sounded violent, but watching the Dukes was a must-see event for my family. Gotta love a good car chase and ramping over bushes.The biggest surprise to me is that we watched ‘Dallas’. Almost every week.rules for our kids (who are 10 and 5 years old)- no TV Mon-Thur nights- no ‘Suite Life of Zach & Cody’ (glamorizes disobedience. too dang sassy)- I wonder about ‘Drake & Josh’- Am on the edge with a few kids shows simply because they are Bad Art. I hate bad writing. That’s a hard one to explain.- movies… case by case basis. we’re probably more conservative than many parents. Are heavily committed to all things Pixar.

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