Worship Reflections 05.11.08

Mothers’ Day.  Pentecost Sunday.  Child Dedications.  Ministry Highlight. Wheeeee…..

Blended worship outline:

Joyful Joyful We Adore Thee (band arrangement)
child dedications (none in 1st service, three in 2nd. Again, wheeee…..)
Mexico trip highlight
scripture: John 16 excerpts
Spirit of God Descend Upon My Heart (Croly/Atkinson)
Holy is the Lord (Tomlin)
A Mighty Fortress choir, brass, percussion 

Contemporary worship outline:

You are Good (Houghton)
child dedications (one)
Mexico trip highlight
Indescribable (Story)
scripture: John 16 excerpts
Come and Fill This Place (Helming)
Center (Hall/Redman)

For the past several months we have been placing the announcements at the very beginning, and then moving into longer, continuous sets of music. For all the services this week, we reverted back to our old ways of starting with a song, mostly because of the high volume of spoken elements that had to occur before the message. Sometimes the arranging of so many varied elements is a challenge… how do you keep the worship service worshipful? Is there any hope of establishing a ‘flow’ in worship?  Sometimes I feel as though the best we can do is fit the various puzzle pieces together and hope that some kind of picture emerges.  It’s not my favorite dynamic for worship planning, but sometimes it’s reality.  

2 thoughts on “Worship Reflections 05.11.08

  1. I know what you mean. We have the announcements before the worship (six songs) then the sermon, then a song. Those natural breaks (anouncemnts, prayer, offering) are especially helpful for key changes.


  2. hiya kim…

    we had a child dedication yesterday, too. must be the season! we have started asking them to be present for both services, which is a bit of a challenge and initially seemed to put folks out a bit. but we felt it was a way to unite the church in spite of the two services. yesterday, it finally worked. they all came back and nobody complained, and we had a professional photographer take pics afterwards which we’ll give to them for free. it was a busy day for us, too.

    announcements drive me nuts. we didn’t do ANY yesterday!

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