Things I love about him: 2

Our son is in preschool. Today was ‘Special Person’s Day’…. the day when each student invites a ‘special person’ to join them at school for a special hour of specially prepared activities. Daddy received the special invitation to the festivities.

Meeting up with them afterward, I asked how it went, etc, specifically wondering if Daddy enjoyed the ‘special craft time’. Sheepishly, with a twinkle in his eye, he said, “I made a rocket launcher”


‘Well, he [our son] started making a rocket, so I thought I should make a launcher’

always, always color outside the lines

The original assignment? MAKE A BUTTERFLY.

Me = compulsive rule follower
Neil = not so much

It is a really great rocket launcher.

15 thoughts on “Things I love about him: 2

  1. dear kim,

    as my blogging mentor, i am very disappointed that it has been nearly 10 days since you have posted. considering the theme of your previous two posts, i’m guessing neil just hasn’t done anything special lately. that is sad.

    have a good day.

  2. so votes are in, and all agree the rocket & launcher are cooler than a butterfly any day. Good to know. :)

    Cathy… sure, we taught you everything you know about the peanut gallery. And then there are those two little words that you taught us…

    Erin… YAY!! You’re home? We most definitely need to hang out and be creative and change the world.

  3. hmmm…i like your family.
    a whole lot.
    so i’m done with school. wanna hang out? have some creative time? or just talk about everything and change the world in an hour while laughing hysterically time?

  4. My favorite Neil-post! I would expect nothing less, really. And, by the way, I believe the two of you taught me everything I know about the peanut gallery. :)

  5. I love the rocket launcher! I’m glad he could break out of the box! Besides… who would want a butterfly, when they could have a rocket and launcher!!!

  6. Neil said that if he could make it into your blog he would be famous.

    Shall I send you a picture of what they did with the snack crackers?

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